How Can Anxiety be Treated Naturally?

Anxiety is not the kind of condition that can be cured simply when a person wants it. Some type of treatment is needed that breaks the effects of anxiety in the individual and so he can live a fuller and happier life. 

Anxiety Treatment Naturally

Some resort to medicines that are issued with medical prescription , however the remedies for mental health have significant side effects and risks of addiction. That is why many people currently want a way to treat anxiety naturally. Fortunately, there are different options to calm anxiety that does not involve any type of chemical medicine.




What do you understand by natural?

Natural, it simply refers to “Without chemical medicine” , and this opens the doors to numerous natural treatment options that can be chosen to decrease and prevent anxiety.

It is important that you know the type of anxiety you suffer in the best possible way. This can be achieved by going to a specialist or taking an anxiety test, and in this way you can get a perspective of what you are experiencing so that you better perceive how to treat it.

Medicine, is still medicine

It is necessary to understand that the most “natural” way a person can count to treat anxiety is simply to refrain from any type of medication at all. Many people turn to herbal supplements , because these are not made from man-made products, however medicine is still medicine, which is made from herbs.

Treat anxiety naturally

That is why, the ideal way to treat anxiety naturally is with some type of exercise or therapy that does not imply in any way treatments based on medicinal herbs.

Keep this in mind when considering alternative options to medications that are issued with medical prescription for anxiety. While an herb or mineral can improve your anxiety, it still continues to affect your body , and is not really as natural as learning new adaptivemechanisms and ways to control stress.

Some therapies to treat anxiety naturally

For those who want to try some kind of treatment that is not based on herbs or chemical medicines, here are some options for more common and effective treatments for anxiety:

  • Psychodynamic therapy,
  • Practice yoga, meditation, deep breathing and other relaxation exercises,
  • Holistic therapy
  • Gestalt therapy,
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy,

The latter, also known as CBT , is the type of therapy with the largest number of investigations, and the most recommended for anxiety and depression. But there are other alternative therapies that have also had many benefits, such as:

  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Sound therapy
  • Biofeedback,

Likewise, we can find some unusual therapies, such as laughter therapy , that can help with your anxiety. These types of therapies have less support in terms of scientific research , but many claim their ability to reduce the effects of anxiety and other mental health problems.

Always remember, you should not consume any supplement or medication without supplementing it with some type of long – term treatment to treat anxiety naturally , as therapies . All medications only ensure temporary relief, but undeniably what you should be is committed to some type of treatment that will help you fight anxiety in the future, and not just for a couple of days.

Herbal treatments for anxiety

When people talk about natural treatments for anxiety , concern the herbal medicine herbs. The good news is that today there are different types of herbal medications for anxiety.

However, it is important before resorting to this type of methods to consult your doctor,since some of them can interfere with other medicines that you are ingesting. Keep in mind, you should never take herbal medicine with alcohol.

The most common types of herbal medications for anxiety are:

The Kava

The kava , is the king of natural treatments for anxiety, and is the only herb compared in scientific studies with some of the prescription treatments of anxiety with favorable results.


Kava has an active ingredient known as Kavalactones , which is believed to improve levels of γ-aminobutyric acid or GABA , and prevent epinephrine , leaving serotonin and other important neurotransmitters untouched.

This herb is so potent, that experts advise to avoid any other type of supplements or medicines based on it for anxiety, since the effects can become too strong and cause drowsiness and other side effects . Kava also interacts strongly with alcohol, potentially damaging the liver.

There are teas and kava droplets, but they are not powerful enough to offer you the benefits you are looking for. The best option is in fat , which means it needs to be consumed in meals , and doses vary from 150 to 300 kavalactones per day.

Another benefit of this herb is that it has no side effects when taken under the supervision of a specialist, and has no risk of addiction . It is the best way to combat anxiety without long – term implications that produce the benzodiazepines and other treatments of anxiety prescription.

The root of Valerian

This root is different from kava, since it has no effect against anxiety necessarily, but it does provide relief from symptoms , and it is believed that they have fewer interactions than kava.

valerian root

Valerian root is used to help sleep. The effects of valerian are ideal for treating the types of symptoms that patients with anxiety , muscle tension, feeling of agitation and active thoughts have. Valerian provides a level of relaxation that allows you to fall asleep and rest fully . Since sleep is an important part of coping with anxiety, this makes valerian very popular.

The passionflower

The passionflower, is a very light version of the kava , and is recommended for those who are not willing to commit to a herb as powerful as kava , or their daily anxiety type is not very strong.

passiflora anxiety

It is said that passionflower has a very mild and sedative anxiolytic effect , which comes from its role in the manufacture and regulation of GABA. Passionflower has had less research than kava, but it is still used by many as a very effective natural alternative for anxiety.


Magnesium is not an herb, but a mineral that is present in many of the foods we consume. Unfortunately, many people have very low levels of magnesium, since it has been essentially eliminated from most modern diets, especially in developed countries, where agricultural and food production practices exclude this very vital mineral from most the food ingredients.


Low levels of magnesium are rarely responsible for the anxiety itself , but may be responsible for some of the physical symptoms of anxiety. Not only do low levels of this mineral cause unusual sensation problems in the body , but anxiety can lower your magnesium levels, since magnesium burns during times of stress.

So taking magnesium, could make disappear in many people the physical symptoms of anxiety, so it is easier to face the mental part of anxiety.

Other alternative natural treatments of anxiety

The aforementioned herbal supplements are not the only natural options that are available.


There are different options to treat anxiety naturally . Here a brief description:


This is an alternative treatment that has been misunderstood. It is believed that a very diluted amount of elements that have caused a disease such as anxiety can cure it. There is not much evidence that homeopathic medicine works , but until now it is still very popular.


It is believed that the pressure of certain and certain points of the hand can relieve anxiety and stress in the rest of the body. Reflexologists have used these pressure points in ways that many believe have a very relaxing effect for all kinds of stresses.

The magnetotherapy

In this therapy the magnet is used. In magnetotherapy it is believed that the placement of several magnets in your body will move elements and provide therapeutic properties.

Other natural alternative treatments include Reiki, acupressure, aromatherapy and much more. There are no limits to the alternative natural treatments that currently exist in the world today.

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Most of these natural treatments have never been investigated, that is why it is recommended to be focused on a treatment that has been studied, because your anxiety is not something to leave to chance. However, many people support the use of alternative types of treatments, since they have been successful when they have been looking for how to treat anxiety naturally.