15 Assertive Communication Techniques

Before learning about assertive communication techniques we need to know what Assertiveness is. Assertiveness can be defined as “the ability to respect others and to make ourselves respected by others”. It is the ability to express your opinions, tastes, and desires or claim your rights while always respecting the rights of others. If you develop … Read more

Top 10 Popular Psychology Myths

The popular psychology myths are common; in fact, there is much information that has been misunderstood and others that have been misrepresented. Sadly this information is passed from one person to another and from generation to generation as if it were real. Do not be ashamed if you thought one was true. Then I leave … Read more

Women Can Read Men’s Face Infidelity

A recent study has confirmed that women have the ability to read infidelity on the face of men. The non-verbal cues are forms of communication that are transmitted from one person to another. Of course, humans use the vision, our dominant sense, to read those signals. Not surprisingly, an individual’s face emits many of these … Read more

How to Deal With Job Stress

Many people are searching for how to deal with job stress, because workplace stress arises when a person perceives an imbalance between the demands that come from the environment (his workplace) and the capacity he has to respond to them, in situations where failure can have negative consequences. How to deal with Job stress First … Read more

The Most Important Types of Depression Symptoms

Recognizing the types of depression symptoms is often one of the most difficult tasks before treatment. Unfortunately, about half of the people who experience them are never diagnosed, evaluated and treated. There are normal ups and downs in life; everyone may feel sad at some point. However, if negative thoughts, reluctance or lack of will … Read more

How to Beat Fear in 9 Steps

Fear is a common thing and how to beat fear is the most common question. Fear is an experienced emotion when it is perceived that there is a threat, real or imagined, in the present, future or even past. When fear is not based on something real or that really endangers your life, it will … Read more

Mobile Addiction: Top 7 Indicators

The mobile addiction is common and can be seen in everyday life; People who eat with others talking about Whatsapp, others who do not stop to check if they have a new message, people who stumble on the street to be annoying. If you feel identified with some of these indicators, you may suffer from … Read more