Importance of Values Education: 9 Practical Tips

Importance of Values Education is defined as a process of learning through which people understand, are interested and put into practice the values ​​necessary to live in society: justice, equality, tolerance, respect for others, responsibility or Civic attitude Importance of Values Education Importance of values education creates the habit of thinking, of reflecting and of … Read more

Long Term Effects of Bullying in Adults and Children’s

The consequences of the effects of bullying in adults and children’s are very serious, physical and especially psychological, and some people can have squeal throughout their lives. Perhaps, if authorities, teachers, and parents understood Bullying better, they would act more on prevention and resolution. Effects of Bullying in Adults and Children’s In fact, I have … Read more

Selective mutism in child and Treatment

Selective Mutism in child The selective mutism in a child is an anxiety disorder characterized as a difficulty usually starting in childhood, presented persistently in those social situations where it is expected that the child is verbally expressed. The low knowledge about the characteristics, concomitances, and treatment for selective mutism in child make it a … Read more

Types of Nationalism

The main types of nationalism are oppression, irredentism, prestige and caution. Nationalism is a complex and multidimensional term that implies a communal identification shared with the nation. It is a sociopolitical ideology and movement, which places a nation as the only element of identity, based on the social, cultural and spatial condition of that nation. … Read more