What is subclinical depression?

Many people experience a drop in mood in the form of chronic sadness and associated behavioral, cognitive, and emotional problems that prevent them from leading full lives. The DSM-5 establishes very clearly what are the diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder, indicating that the patient must present a minimum of five of the nine symptoms …

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Understanding cyber-relationships

Long-distance relationships are an increasingly frequent phenomenon in an interconnected and globalized world . The mass use of the Internet multiplies the opportunities to meet someone living in a distant country, and as always, love does not understand geographical areas. And it is that maintaining relationships at a distance is a psychological challenge that not …

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Weightlifting Can Improve Your Mental Health, New Study Finds

Feeling anxious and depressed? According to recent research findings, resistance training can help you boost your mental health and cure symptoms of anxiety and depression. There is solid scientific evidence showing that exercise helps relax your body by increasing the release of endorphins. Again, according to the fitness magazine LifeToliveIt, exercise improves blood circulation in the …

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