HL-H8003 – Hot Hair Dryer Product – An Overview

The HL-H8003, GHD hair dryer is a model of a gas drying device. With the aid of the temperature and
power adjustment, it can be used in terms of styling tools.

On the other hand, the GHD hair dryer also has an optional plate that can be attached to the hot air
vent of the machine. This plate is used to suspend a hair style that is attached to the machine. It is
attached to the vent of the dryer on both sides.
The plates have the ability to allow for different types of hair types. The different types are outlined
below. They are:

Flexible, wavy, curly, and kinky styles can be easily styling using this plate. They are suspended from
the side of the GHD dryer, and these plates help in regulating the level of air flow. If the volume of
air flowing out is higher than that of the one flowing in, then there will be less damage done to the
Flat iron, flat, or even short hairstyles can be styled with these plates. However, they are not
recommended for longer styles. Flat irons and scissors can be used to cut or style the hair. Curls,
waves, and corkscrew curls can be styled with the use of these plates.

Semi-permanent extensions or long hairstyles that cannot be styled using the plates can be styled
with the help of hair plates. Some hair plates are created to use as clips. The clips can be attached to
the extensions or the head's edge.

GHD Hair Dryer Benefits

If you want to dry or clean the heat up vent on the GHD hair dryer, use the plates that allow the
plates to attach to the side of the vent. It will help in maintaining a good airflow on the hot air vents.
The hot air will be directed towards the air vents.

The vents on the GHD hair dryer should be cleaned every few months. This is because the heat can
get trapped within them. Regular cleaning will help in keeping the heating element clean and safe.

When choosing a plate for a GHD hair dryer, you must consider the heat of the plate. The heat of
the plate will depend on the model and the manufacturer. The GHD hair dryer models are varied.
Models vary as well and so do the features. Always read the specification of the model before
deciding upon one. For instance, there are models that can handle professional hair styling.

Extensions in the GHD hair dryer have different designs. The extension can be fitted directly to the
hair, or they can be attached to the hot air vents. The plate that is attached to the vents is then
attached to the extensions.

You can buy them in kits or by yourself. The GHD hair extensions will come with different sizes,
lengths, shapes, and textures. The hair extensions made for the GHD hair dryer are strong and