How to celebrate the spirit of Christmas

On December 21, a very special day is celebrated on the calendar: the winter solstice, a date that marks the longest night of the year. This day many families welcome you at home to the spirit of Christmas, another way to join family and take advantage of the many energies of this special date to enjoy in an atmosphere of joy. That’s why at we explain a little more about this ritual and give you some good ideas for you to discover how to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with your loved visit

  1. The reception of the spirit of Christmas is closely associated with an ancient tradition that revolves around the celebration of the winter solstice. At present, this night has been taken as the ideal date to allow the spirit of Christmas, full of peace, good energies, prosperity, and love, to penetrate our homes and accompany us throughout the holidays.
  2. If you want to enjoy this special day full of so much energy, then a good way to do it is to meet with your closest friends or family. Many people choose to meet Christmas spirit day with their friends and leave the family meeting for December 24, we invite you to spend this date always surrounded by loved ones that fill your home with love and positive energies.
  3. That day it is important to take advantage to clean our home and prepare it for the celebration. Pine and tangerine incenses are recommended to attract good energies and prosperity and create an environment conducive to receiving the spirit of Christmas. It is also important that the star of the Christmas tree or of the nativity scene is placed and lit, in the case of being illuminated, stop attracting the spirit of Christmas to our home.
  4. For this reception it is ideal that our house is already decorated for Christmas, if not, December 21 is a good day to do it, always in the midst of the joy and harmony of these dates. To enjoy the spirit of christmas in your beautyful house with your famil to make your house ready for that visit contractors Columbus Ohio.
  5. Prepare dinner for all your guests, the idea is to share an evening of joy and union but above all of the gratitude for what you have received this year and opening to be ready to what will bring you next year and all the good energies of these holidays. Forgiveness, tolerance, and peace must inhabit your heart and spirit this day and all year.
  6. Do not forget that during this evening the atmosphere must be joyful, so you must invite the union and the celebration, you can set with carols and make your guests have a great time in the middle of an atmosphere of love and gratitude.
  7. Many people to celebrate the spirit of Christmas make a letter full of wishes for the year, hoping that God will guide them and help them along the way to fulfill these dreams. If you want to experience it from a How we invite you to take advantage of the incredible energy of this date to make your requests and start the year ready to work on your goals and desires.