How to Quit Smoking 10 Steps

How to Quit Smoking the addictive power of cannabis may not be as high as that of other drugs such as cocaine or her0in, but this does not mean that stopping it will be simpler.

How to stop smoking

And is that when you start to consume Marijuana on a regular basis and how to quit smoking it is very likely that this substance begins to control your life, you may even need help to quit.

10 steps to stop smoking m@rijuana

  1. Find out

To be able to overcome an addiction to this substance first of all you have to realize that you are addicted and that you have to stop consuming it.

If you do not realize the negative effects it is causing in your life, both health and economic, social, relationships and personal functioning, you will hardly want to stop consuming it.

So, if you’re reading this, it’s because you want to stop consuming it and you’ve probably already realized that you have to eliminate Marijuana to get your life back.

If you are reading this article because you are interested in knowing how to quit Marijuana to help a friend or relative of yours, what you have to do is  try to get this idea in your head.

To do so you can provide information you find in books or online about the harmful effects of its consumption.

Likewise, since consumers of these substances usually underestimate the disadvantages of consuming it, an exercise that may be most useful is to get them to realize the changes that have occurred in their life since consuming.

You should try to show him the direct and observable effects that he has already suffered due to the consumption of this substance and that he himself realizes it.

  1. See goals

Once you have realized that your future is going to stop consuming Marijuana, you have to set yourself a number of goals.

At this point you have to think not only that you have to stop consuming this substance, but in the reason why you should do it. Make a list of all the reasons you have to quit smoking.

To recover the clarity of ideas you had before, to build a solid professional future, to recover personal relationships that you have been losing, to improve your mental state …

Surely you have thousands of reasons to stop smoking and surely you will think of lots of advantages that you will have when you have overcome the addiction. Write them all down and save them as personal goals.

  1. Look for support

There are those who prefer not to involve other people in the process of overcoming an addiction for fear of showing up as a weak, addicted person and needing  others to move forward.

Trying to do it alone or doing it with the help of others will be up to you.

Now, what has been demonstrated through multiple studies is that when you raise this dilemma you will only have two options:

Choose the difficult road and try to make the long road you alone.

Choose the most beneficial route and seek support among your closest people or professionals to help you throughout the process and have greater options for success.

You can do it with either option, but the recommendation is very clear: the more people you have supporting and helping you more points in favor you will have to achieve your goals.

  1. Detect stimuli

The moment you quit smoking you will have to keep one thing in mind, and this is to be able to detect stimuli.

If you used Marijuana regularly, you would have a series of habits when it came to smoking.

Moments of the day in which you always lit a cigarette, friends that you left with to smoke, places that frequented to do it, utensils and  tools that you used or even clothes that you put to consume Marihuana.

So, it is convenient that you make a list with all the stimuli that you remember that you can incite to the consumption and to be very conscious of them.

Once you are clear about what they are, what you will have to do is try to resist them.

To do this, the best way is to try to avoid them, especially at the beginning of quitting smoking.

Try not to stay with the people you left to smoke and if you make sure that they will not smoke when you stay this time.

Try not to frequent those places where you used to consume, look for an activity that distracts you in those moments of the day in which you smoked yes or yes and  get rid of grinders, papers, nozzles, lighters and other objects that you used to smoke.

  1. Change friendships

Another action that is usually necessary, and perhaps one of the most difficult, is to change friendships.

This does not mean that all your friends who use Marijuana have to become your enemies, but you do need to make a change of environment.

You can keep those friends if you stay when you do not do it to smoke cigarettes and if they are as convinced as you are that you will overcome the addiction.

Also, it would be very useful that at the same time you were able to incorporate other types of friendships and environments in your life, which are not related  to the consumption of m@rijuana.

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If you do, your environment would facilitate the process of stopping Marijuana, but if you continue to be immersed in an environment closely related to  Marijuana, it will make it difficult for you.

  1. Change activities

Similarly, if you want to quit Cannabis it is very important that you incorporate new activities into your life.

The fact of porro smoking usually occupies a very large space in the repertoire of activities of people who consume Mary habitually.

Usually stays with friends to spend time together while smoking and usually perform playful activities that are always accompanied by porros.

So, look for alternative activities that are to your liking but that are incompatible with the consumption of Marijuana.

Activities will have to be according to your tastes, there are no better ones and worse ones, as long as they do not involve lighting a cigarette, the activity will be  adequate.

  1. Convince yourself that you can succeed

The main motive that often frustrates attempts to overcome the addiction to m@rijuana is the belief that you will not be able to do so.

And is that if you are addicted to m@rijuana and stop consuming it, you probably experience a series of symptoms such as anger, irritability, nervousness or restlessness (psychological dependence).

These symptoms often create distortions in cognition and create thoughts about personal inability to survive without that drug.

However, these thoughts are distorted by the feeling of discomfort caused by not smoking (especially at the beginning) and are not at all certain.

As any person you have total capacity to stop consuming it and if you strive you will get it.

To convince you of this idea it is good to have people around you reminding you and to rectify your distorted thoughts when they appear.

It may also be helpful to go to a specialist psychologist to help you get through this moment.

  1. Overcomes the withdrawal syndrome

In addition to psychological dependence, in Marijuana there is also a physical dependence.

This physical dependence occurs because your body has become accustomed to functioning properly only when you provide this substance.

So, when you stop using Marihuana, your body will claim the substance to work properly and most likely you will experience a series of symptoms: the withdrawal syndrome .

These symptoms are usually tremor, sweating, abdominal pain, chills, weight loss and insomnia.

If you experience these symptoms go to your doctor to give you the appropriate pharmacological treatment.

  1. Reward your effort

To increase your motivation as you go through the days without consuming, you can make a contingency contract.

In this contract you can specify which prizes you will give each x time without consuming.

For example, for every day you do not smoke you can reward yourself with your favorite dessert and for every week you do not smoke with going to the movies.

These are just two examples, make these rewards with those things that you like and that can boost your motivation to abandon Cannabis.

  1. Performing Exercise

Finally, in order to keep the change done and prevent possible relapses, it is very convenient to perform physical exercise.

Physical exercise usually causes a great sense of well-being, brings a remarkable reward to your brain and is also an activity incompatible with  the consumption of m@rijuana.

If you can adopt a healthy lifestyle where Marijuana has no place, you may have overcome addiction forever.

The characteristics of m@rijuana

The information I will discuss below about this drug will be very useful to know it better and to understand more accurately the steps to overcome its addiction.

What is it?

Marijuana or Cannabis is a psychoactive substance that comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant .

Its form of consumption is usually smoked, although it can also be consumed orally, cooked in different ways.

In cannabis have identified more than 400 different substances, of which about 60 belong chemically to the group of cannabinoids, the most important is Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Tetrahydrocannabinol enters directly into our brain and activates the CB1 receptors of neurons distributed throughout many parts of our  brain.

What effects does m@rijuana cause?

A few minutes after the substance has entered our brain , we begin to notice its effects.

The effects of cannabis are very variable depending on the person who consumes it, but usually a two-phase effect: after an initial phase of stimulation (euphoria, well-being, increased perception), followed by a phase where sedation predominates (relaxation, drowsiness ).

There is a worsening of visual, auditory and tactile perceptions, as well as a slight distortion of space and time.

There is also easy laughter, loquacity and increased appetite with preference for sweets. Acute consumption improves sleep and can intensify the  experience of sexual intercourse.

In the cognitive sphere, it diminishes the capacity of concentration , alters the recent memory and the resolution of complicated tasks.

In some subjects, especially in inexperienced consumers or after high doses, anxiety, dysphoria, paranoid symptoms and / or panic may appear, which  usually disappear spontaneously within a few hours.

What complications can your consumption cause?

The perception of Cannabis as a “soft drug” is widespread among our society.

There is a fairly widespread belief that the risk of m@rijuana is quite low and can not cause complications.

However this is not so, as this substance can cause a long list of detrimental effects on the physical and mental health of regular consumers.

It can cause psychological effects such as: psychotic outbreaks, schizophrenia , bipolar disorder , anxiety, amotivational syndrome, cognitive impairment ,  flashbacks, impoverishment of school performance, sleep problems and effects on eating behavior.

Also, it can cause physical complications such as: cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems, ocular effects, gastrointestinal effects, effects on the striated muscles, on the immune system and on the endocrine system.

Thus, the habitual consumption of this substance can imply a very big problem in our lives.

In addition, if we often consume this substance we can easily become dependent on it, so to stop consuming it will cost us a lot.

However, like any other addiction this can be overcome through willpower, motivation and organized behaviors.