Human Mind Body Psychology

Mind Body Psychology, our bodies are part of nature like all other living things that have genetic material encoded, but there are many other factors that affect the way people grow and development also. The main element involved is knowledge and understanding, without this you will gain nothing at all and also loose nothing. Recent studies detailing mind body psychology indicate enriching life experiences that evoke newness, the opposite to sameness that actually stimulates new brain growth.

New brain patterns occur during creative moments of time, art, music, dance, drama, humor, literature, spirituality, joy, cultural rituals and of course knowledge and understanding. In the future human lives will be guided towards education and achieving through the support of advisers and Super People who are teachers in the (new world) that have moved onto their next lives and still have the same minds they were originally born with. The vision of eternal life is real in the near future and essential for continual prosperity, peace and the gradual evolution of the human race. Miracles of the mind will not happen with delusional people, such as university lectures who see the right to be considered superior, it happens with those who have superior minds and can lead the way into the future, with vision and proven new facts that can really make a change.

The human mind stores information in mind files™ and the brain is a separate organ that processors the information as instantly as possible through the CSF which contains the mind. The mind, CFS and the brain work together to create everything you do. However if the mind was separated from the brain, and the information was replaced with another mind containing different content, other areas of the brain would be stimulated by new information or other knowledge. The future will allow people to have mind separations and transfers that will be simple and beneficial to how people think and feel. Humans will see mental illness improve before anything else moves forward, and this will be set in place for the (New World and Hierarchy), doors will open for people to see and know themselves better in the divine future.

Management in the future will also be the opposite in mindset to what we have today and this will play a major roll in our eternal evolution process, guided by our teachers. The Human Mind Body Connection will play a major roll with humanity including settling wars that have gone on for a long periods of time, and as a race we will no longer be as vulnerable to each other as we are now. We will have the ability and knowledge to win against evil, and after we win this battle, and we will.. the ability to act out the eternal life plan will be real for everyone. People will see further into the future, men and woman will be able to choose who they prefer to be for short or long periods of time, and humanity will evolve into how he prefers to look, this will be a personal choice. Laws will change due to different thinking, trades and professions will no longer be needed due to technology.