Mind Body Discovery David Lionel Lloyd

This is where David Lionel Lloyd had come to. I was 45 I had lost my mind due to undiagnosed Asperger syndrome and discovered the Human Mind Body Connection as a result, which is a unique experience that happened to me walking home from work one day. This was all due to stress and my opposite type of thinking.

Basically I am a Hybrid thinking autodidact and at the age of 49 I had discovered that I could no longer be in the work force and it was simply not for me and never was. I was desperate to get away and was willing to accept any diagnosis at the time. I was going to live in my car if I had to for my own health and safety which had also turned me into a nervous wreck at the time and I truly dread the thought of ever going back.

Fifty One years had ticked past before being officially diagnosed with High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome by a Clinical Psychologist. I am also very pleased with my diagnosis because it is accurate and says exactly who I am. Since then which was 2 years prior to 2013, my life had completely changed and had learned a lot more about Asperger and myself as a different thinking person. In brief, ever since I was about ten, I had received comments from general people saying that I was smart, genius etc, doctors said I had upper level thinking, the professor at the hospital said I was a brilliant thinker, my father says I am a Hybrid, university lectures though I had powers and my psychologist simply became scared of me. So I do not really know except for the fact that I am a true Super Soldier preparing the New World Order to co-exist with Super People. 

The discussion about the psyche body association has been around for centuries. From old logicians and religions to present day science, there have been various perspectives on whether the brain and the body are connected, in the event that they can influence one another, and how that collaboration can be conceivable.

Despite the fact that standard contemporary science and medical services rehearses will in general examination and treat the psyche and the body as isolated substances, expanding exploration and proof based practices support the thought of a bidirectional connection between the two. This recommends that we may profit more from recognizing these connections and embracing a more all encompassing way to deal with our wellbeing and prosperity.

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David Me And Asperger :

Prior to my diagnosis, there have been many awkward situations I had found myself in over the years, due to the characteristics and symptoms of Asperger, how I move and what I say, when I talk and lack of eye contact. I will look around your eyes but not directly in them as this is very uncomfortable and I have always been this way. I have different understanding about peoples feelings and have never properly understood why people do the things they do, such as facial expression, body language and there is a long list of things that people do that I simply do not do. I have not been jealous of anyone or anything either and personally think jealously is another hideous kind of human behavior. I lack in feeling empathy and have black and white thinking which is all part of the cluster of differences I have, certain sounds and noise are very irritating also, which is hard for people to understand because it is something invisible. There has been many things the family and I have been unaware of, I have little communication with the whole lot of them and no-one has ever listened to what I say, so what else do I do except go into my own worlds.