Negative effects of Stress on Brain | Treat it with Meds Biotech CBD Oil

Negative effects of Stress on Brain and Meds Biotech CBD Oil: Stress is part of the daily life of most people, if not all. Although some level of stress can be positive, the truth is that suffering excessively and chronically can seriously affect our health, in a wide variety of ways. In this article we’ll talk about 3 negative effects of stress in the brain and the ability of CBD to treat it.


A series of reactions

In the face of stress, the brain goes through a series of reactions whose objective is to mobilize its defense mechanisms and protect itself against threats. Among the harmful effects that stress can cause in the body, perhaps the least known are the effects on the brain. Our brain can be affected by stress in different ways.

Different investigations have found that stress can help sharpen the mind and improve the ability to remember details about what is happening. In other cases, stress can have negative effects on the brain.

1. Stress kills brain cells

In a study conducted by researchers at Rosalind Franklin University, researchers discovered that a single stressful event can kill neurons in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the area of ​​the brain associated with memory, emotions and learning, and one of the areas where new neurons are formed throughout life.

In the experiments, carried out with rats, it was observed that rats subjected to stressful events had cortisol levels up to six times higher than that of rats that had not suffered a stressful event.

Brain neurons

It was also found that young rats subjected to low levels of stress had generated the same number of new neurons as those who had not experienced stress. However, there was a marked reduction in the number of nerve cells a week later. That is, while stress did not seem to influence the formation of new neurons, it did affect the cells that survived.

2. Chronic stress increases the risk of mental illness

Research by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley found that chronic stress can cause long-term changes in the brain. The researchers suggest that this could help explain why people who suffer from chronic stress are also more likely to suffer from anxiety and mood disorders throughout their lives.

The researchers discovered that stress creates more myelin-producing cells, but fewer cells than normal. The result is an excess of myelin in certain areas of the brain, which interferes with the synchronization and balance of communication in different brain areas. Stress could play a critical role in the development of mental disorders, such as depression and various emotional disorders.

3. Stress causes changes in the structure of the brain

In relation to previous research, scientists also found that chronic stress can cause long-term changes in brain structure and brain function. The brain is composed of gray matter and white matter, areas with their own responsibilities. Gray matter is responsible for thinking, making decisions and solving problems. The white matter connects all regions of the brain to promote communication between them. The white matter is surrounded by myelin, which speeds up the signals that are used to transmit the information. When the myelin is produced in excess, there is an imbalance between the gray matter and the white matter, which can cause brain changes.

Stress reduces the size of the brain

Stress can cause the contraction of the brain areas associated with the regulation of emotions, self-control, metabolism and memory, according to various research shows. According to research at Yale University, chronic stress alone does not seem to have a big impact on brain volume, although it can make people more vulnerable to brain shrinkage when they experience intense and sudden stressful events.

Can we treat stress with CBD?

Yes it can! Some researchers have confirmed that. We are seeing CBD now everywhere and we know that you too. Although you can feel the most of your capacity in the new tendencies of well-being, you must leave space in your welfare repertoire for this: the CBD is here to stay.

While it may sound like a miraculous solution (all that is), using CBD for stress works best when incorporated into a lifestyle that supports the same mission. A daily practice of yoga, sport, or meditation is the perfect combination if we seek to reduce stress and anxiety, and have a more connected dialogue with our nervous system. Yoga is a practice of longevity; While it has immediate benefits, it is intended for the long-term maintenance of our well-being. CBD works in a similar way. CBD can and should be applied topically. Using a lotion or serum is an excellent way to introduce CBD into your system if you are not yet ready to start taking oil or eating it.

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