How to spot an introvert 7 Signs that Deliver

How to spot an introvert for people it can be difficult to admit their condition. When we think of introverted people, we often incorrectly assume that they are people who do not like others.

However, How to spot an introvert they can be friendly people, interested in others and successful.

How to spot an introvert

These nine behaviors characteristic of introverted people can be a beginning to learn the traits and attitudes that suggest an inward orientation (characteristic of introverts) or outward (characteristic of extroverts).

Remember that it is not an all or nothing; we are not 100% extroverted or 100% introverted, rather it is a polarity and we can find ourselves closer to one end or another.

spot an introvert 7 Signs that Deliver


1-Enjoy spending time alone

When you have the opportunity to take a break, you prefer to spend time reading, playing video games or listening to music. That alone time is important for your well-being even if you often enjoy social company.

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2-You think well when you are alone

You do not oppose discussions or meetings, but you prefer to be alone to find a creative solution ; You need time to work alone. T

Enter the opportunity to be alone to think about solving a problem, will give you the possibility to think originally and produce results.

3-Leaders better when others have initiative

Despite the belief that introverts have a personality with little initiative, under certain circumstances they may be the best leaders.

If the group is prepared to fend for itself, the introverts will get the best out of them. In cases where groups need a push and are immature, introverts may be unable to provide the necessary guidance.

4-You are the last to raise your hand when someone asks something

As you can remember in school and in high school, there were few students who raised their hands to the questions of the teachers.

Extroverts tend to be prepared to be the center of attention in any social or academic situation. You probably have more introverted than extrovert if you do not participate and let others do it in social situations.

5-Others ask for your opinion

Just like introverts do not usually volunteer in public situations, it is also unlikely that they will tell their opinions or advice to others.

Whether it is a family discussion or a business meeting, people who are high in introversion will keep their opinions and let extroverts take control.

6-You prefer not to interact with people who are upset or angry

If you are introverted you are likely to avoid people who appear to be in a bad mood. This is because introverted people are more sensitive to possible negative evaluations.

7-You receive more calls or messages than you send

People high in introversion usually do not voluntarily contact their social circles. If they have 10 minutes to rest, they will not make a call to spend the time talking. Similarly, they will not send emails.

If you are high on introversion, you will avoid jobs where you have to interact a lot with other people or you can be socially evaluated.

8-Do not initiate casual conversations with other people

If you are high on introversion it is unlikely that you will initiate a conversation with the person in front of you in a queue.

Also, if you are sad or anxious, you are unlikely to give that information to anyone. You might think it’s nobody’s business or nobody cares how you feel (which probably would not be true).