Marijuana: 10 Physical and Mental Consequences of Smoking

The marijuana or cannabis sativa is a drug commonly abused whose active ingredient is THC (delta-9-tetrahidrocarbocannabinol). The THC that it contains is found mainly in the buds of the cannabis sativa plant, therefore, the consumers of this drug usually consume only the crushed buds (“maría”), its pollen (“pollen”) or the pressed pollen (” hashish”). If you want to … Read more

Is It Bad to Smoke Marijuana for Your Health?

It can be affirmed that is smoking Marijuana bad for you, due to the negative effects it produces: cognitive deficits, sleep disturbances, cardiovascular problems, endocrine problems, respiratory difficulties and gastrointestinal problems. Marijuana is one of the drugs that create the most controversy in a great diversity of societies. Despite being considered an illegal drug, there are … Read more