The Mental Diet To Achieve The Wellness Routine

Speaking with different patients I have realized that many have created a bad climate through their routines, thus making a kind of aura of bad energy that surrounds them and only brings them negativity. If the same thing happens to you, I would like you to realize that you can create in yourself an attraction to the good energies that the different circuits of good work will bring you. Don’t expect anything miraculous or esoteric, it ‘s just a wellness routine .

Factors of wrong doing
Let’s start by talking about the first factors of wrong doing. They are easy to identify and all of them are described in the following lines based on my experience with patients and, of course, with me.

1. Look at the mobile as we get up
This only generates negativity for us. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to wake up and see bad news? That is exactly a residue that stays in your brain, and it only brings you bad vibes. Even if you think not, there it remains stored, and affects the release of the “quartet of happiness” (endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin).

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2. Go everywhere in a hurry
This generates very high levels of stress and anxiety . You have to understand that to go without haste we must create routines with which to leave before home. For this reason, it is important not only to follow the typical recommendation of “go out ten minutes before home” but to repeat it for more than a month in order to make this habit effective.

3. Maintain contact with undesirable people
Why do you consume TV trash? Why do you dedicate a large part of your life to reading on WhatsApp or other social networks such as Instagram content from people who do not contribute anything to you? You have to know that maintaining contact with them is only going to generate negativity, so I want you to understand that in your life, and more importantly, in your mind, only people who contribute to you should be able (and should) enter. In these times, I do not care whether the people you pay attention to be it in person or online, if both generate negativity, it is clear: run away. You will thank me.

4. Militarize everything we do, Have our life hierarchical to the millimeter
Get up early, go to the gym, take a shower, go to work, get off work and go shopping, you can’t take more than X time on each task. Be careful! This tires us a lot; Running around, setting yourself up with an insufferable routine, does nothing more than generate great anxiety in you and the need to set impossible goals for yourself. Therefore, I would like you to simply try to live day to day without having to give your best in everything. Just try to keep it flowing and if you don’t feel like training at 6:00 am, don’t feel like a monster, you should simply do sports at another time.

Applying the wellness routine to your day to day
You have to take care of what is in your head; imagine that within it there is an interior garden, which has to be fertilized and watered with the best materials. So now I wanted to end by talking about the factors that do favor good work.

1. Meditate by listening to yourself
Meditating is not just putting on canned YouTube audio and “living life.” You can meditate plain and simple with everyday tasks . Washing the dishes, focusing on the sensations of that moment, on what you are feeling, and especially on what you are feeling. Focus on the key idea of Mindfulness: the here and now.

2. Develop habits of awakening

It is important to develop a mini routine for when we open our eyes . Just focus on not looking at your phone until later, meditating even for five minutes, and visualizing how your day is going to be, seeing it in a positive way and solving everything in a satisfactory way.

3. Feed your mind
I can ask you to read, I can ask you to watch movies, but this time I’m going to ask you to follow interesting channels on YouTube with which to learn to be stronger psychologically.

4. Get moving!
Important, find an activity with which you move and enjoy . I’m not looking for you to suffer doing weights or running 10 kilometers every day, just doing things that involve moving and sweating a little. What benefits does this have? You will be able to release positive substances for the body, in addition to getting tired and being able to rest better at night.

5. Be grateful
It’s simple, thank your partner as they are, thank your family as they are. Spreading good energy brings us good energy.