Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms and probably the oldest in the subject of digital media. With technological advancements taking place year after year, the approach to absorbing such technologies and applying to one’s business is also changing. Marketing and Advertising fields also have shown a massive growth and brands are changing their tactics day by day in order to engage maximum engrossment by audience. Video making has become quick and simple these days with various tools such as InVideo’s Youtube video editor.

Video ads have been in use since a long time and so are Ad Makers. Video content is obviously showing an upward movement in the graph of media consumed by people but so is a new feature which has just started being adopted by brands and firms. That feature is Facebook Live. Brands have been coming live like nothing before. The reason behind it is massive engagement on the part of the audience. Perhaps how could one successfully engage customers and make sales just by going live? Well, the answer lies below. First let us know what Facebook Live actually is and how beneficial it can be for your brand.

What is Facebook Live?

In simple definition, Facebook Live is a feature on Facebook that uses camera on a computer or mobile device to broadcast real-time video to Facebook. Live broadcasters can use this content to engage their audience during particular events.

We now know what it means but for the live to be conducted smoothly, there are some tips you need to keep in mind.

  1. Promote your work before and after

When you plan to go live, make sure you keep in mind the promotions you need to make. You need to put yourself out there and promote. Before, you need to promote for people to know that you will be going live and what information or golden nuggets you will be sharing with them. After the live, the promotion carries on so that you can boost your live post and even use it like an ad campaign. Hence it is necessary to hit up all your social media networks to let them know about your event.

  1. Time it accordingly

Timing is everything when it comes to planning your live video. Make sure your audience is not attending any big events or catching up their beauty sleep. To avoid such issues, check the analytics for your Facebook page and check as to what times your audience engages with your posts the most. If this also doesn’t work, hit polls to your followers asking them to vote for the time most suitable for them.

  1. Keep a solid plan in hand

Many a times, people go blank or might forget what to say or just get confused. It is advised the most to avoid such issues that can be taken care of before hand. A quick solution to this is to keep a solid plan in hand. Maintain notes of which you will be speaking of in your live and keep sub talking points ready in your line of sight to avoid going off-topic. For instance, if you’re hosting a Facebook Live to demonstrate a product or give a tutorial, do a quick test run. This will help you avoid technical difficulties.

  1. Give a description to your live in advance

People should know your purpose of coming live and the matters you will be concerning them. It is advised to give a short description of your live video to the audience in the description box. Make sure people know the value of turning into your Facebook Live with a compelling description. Flex your copywriting skills.
5. Respond interactively

Why do people tune in to live videos? Simple. Because to know more about the brand, what new has it got and ask relevant questions. Encourage their comments by answering questions live. Make them feel like it is a two-way conversation. Create more buzz in the comment section. It will get your higher Facebook relevancy score.

  1. Call them out by calling their names

If you want people to actually engage, call them out by their names while answering their questions. Make them feel special. Keep re-introducing yourself to them in case you see new people joining in.

  1. Broadcast for a specific time

The longer you broadcast your live video, the more likes, comments and shares you get. You should broadcast at least for 10 Minutes if not more. Facebook might push your video out to more news feeds, boosting chances of viewers discovering your video.

  1. Face a window

It is necessary to look decent in your live videos for good video quality. Natural light seems to make the video look more better than having a dim light. Thus, when setting up for your live, find the nearest window and make sure it’s in front of you and not behind you.

  1. Broadcast your live horizontally

It is advised to broadcast your live horizontally as it looks much better in Newsfeeds.

  1. End with a strong call-to-action

Your job isn’t done by just coming live and answering their questions. Think about what you want them to do after your live stream ends. Sign off by mentioning your name one last time, thanking your viewers for their precious time, sliding in your call to action and wave a goodbye contentedly. Use analytics for further details like the minutes viewed and engagement of viewers, unique viewers, demographic of viewers, etc.

Lastly, add captions to your broadcasts if you want to go the extra mile for your viewers.


With this, we have got to you in place all that you need for Facebook Live Streaming. Do let us know how it went about!