What is black Friday?

Discover what Black Friday is, its history and its origin

Black Friday 2019 is the tradition of Black Friday that originated in the United States. It has been celebrated for decades after Thanksgiving. This is a great phenomenon of retail trade that represents a large increase in the economy of commerce. Years ago, it has been a great movement of people when buying gifts, in many cases ahead of Christmas shopping. This year Black Friday will not be left behind. The month Black Friday 2019 will arrive next November full of offers that are happening throughout the month.

Where are you from?

Black Friday or Friday black has its origin in the United States. It is celebrated on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Its history began in the 60s, at which time the American retail trade wanted to increase its sales during the holidays. However, the expression Black Friday began to be used with the sense that we know today in 1961 in the city of Philadelphia, when a public bulletin warned of the chaos that was taking place in the streets of the public highway by the sales of the day after Thanksgiving.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The term Black Friday originated in Philadelphia where it was used to describe the heavy traffic of people and vehicles that crowded the streets the day after Thanksgiving. The use of this term began around 1961 among police officers in charge of traffic regulation. It spread throughout the United States from 1975.

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Over time, another explanation emerged at the end of Black Friday, referring to the black term, to the accounts of businesses that go from being in red to black numbers thanks to this day.

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Discover what Black Friday means

Black Friday means in its translation Black Friday. It is an annual event where offers and great discounts are the protagonists for a few limited days, usually the last Friday of November. Black Friday marks the beginning of Christmas shopping, as it represents an opportunity to buy gifts at incredible prices.

From early in the morning, Black Friday is an avalanche of people waiting at the doors of shops willing to be the first to get the best deals of the year and thus get the best products at scandal prices. Black Friday is an Australian tradition that represents the salvation of the economy of many people in these dates of so much consumption check some deals here https://www.mydeal.com.au/blackfriday.

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