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7 Things to Buy To Be Happy

Things To Be Happy

Surely you have heard hundreds of times that money and buying things does not give happiness. But that is a half-truth. Things To Be Happy According to science, money can give happiness to: Spend on others: for example donating or giving something to someone in need. Buy experiences. Psychologists Leaf Van Bowen and Thomas Gilovich […]

How to Increase Serotonin Naturally: 10 Ways

How to Increase Serotonin Naturally

Increasing serotonin naturally in the brain is important for a good level of mental and physical well-being. The serotonin is one of the most important chemicals in the human brain. And is that among other functions, this neurotransmitter is responsible for regulating mood, control appetite and balance sexual desire. How to Increase Serotonin Naturally However, […]

The 5 Types of Happiness in Psychology

Types of Happiness in Psychology

The types of happiness according to the famous psychologist Seligman are pleasurable life, compromised life, relationships, meaningful living and sense of accomplishment. We could understand happiness as a state of fulfillment where life is valued positively.  If we are happy, we love life and achieve our goals and enjoy it by not perceiving errors as […]

9 Curious Benefits of Laughter for Health

Benefits of Laughter

The benefits of laughter for health care to help you live longer, stimulate the immune system, relieve pain, reduce depression, improve personal relationships, burn calories, improve breathing and protect the heart. Laughter is regulated by our brain and allows us to convey to others how we feel. But it is that laughter, not only brings […]

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