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Aggressive Communication: Features and Examples

Aggressive Communication

The aggressive communication defines a way of communicating that usually involves manipulation and the use of language for personal gain. In fact, it is a form of expression of violence, which is manifested through both the verbal language and the para-verbal language of the person. Adopting this type of communication usually produces a unidirectional information exchange. That is, the subject […]

How to develop social-emotional skills?

social-emotional skills

Social- emotional skills are the learned behaviors we carry out when we relate to people in our environment, through the expression of our feelings, attitudes, rights or opinions Thus, a person with optimal socioemotional abilities will show skill in relating and behaving appropriately according to specific goals in different situations. Social-emotional skills In this article, […]

What is aggressiveness?

What is aggressiveness

  or without provocation. Human aggression can be classified as direct and indirect aggression, while the former is characterized by physical or verbal behavior intended to cause harm to someone. The latter is characterized by behavior designed to damage the social relations of an individual or group. Almost all animal species carry out aggressive behaviors, […]

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