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Factitious Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis

Factitious Disorder

The factitious disorder is one that experienced by people who have physical or psychological symptoms that are feigned or intentionally produced in order by the subject of assuming the sick role. Factitious disorders have been classified differently in the diagnostic manuals of mental illness. In the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), the factitious disorder appears to belong to the […]

What are Rare Diseases?

What are Rare Diseases

The rare diseases ( ER ) is a pathological condition that affects a group or number of people very small compared to other more prevalent diseases in the general population (Richter et al., 2015). In the case of Europe, rare diseases affect approximately one person for every 2,000 citizens of the general population (Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases, 2016). […]

What is Behavioral Dialectical Therapy?

Behavioral Dialectical Therapy

The DBT belongs to the third generation therapies or contextual therapies, and has been in recent years one of the important contributions to cognitive behavioral therapy as well as in the field of psychotherapy in general. It was the first psychotherapeutic treatment that demonstrated effectiveness in controlled clinical trials. The TDC was developed by Marsha M. Linehan and her team […]

The Psychological Interview The Best Evaluation Method?

Psychological Interview

The psychological interview is the most used evaluation technique in psychology, specifically in the clinical field. Its use is justified by its effectiveness both  to investigate non-observable contents and to serve as a guide and guidance on what content should be evaluated with other procedures. Through  psychological evaluation, the behavior of an adult or child is explored and analyzed based […]

What are Nervous Tics?

What are Nervous Tics?

The nervous tics are movements or repetitive, rapid, rhythmic and spasmodic no vocalizations that occur in children and adults. They reproduce gestures of daily life such as blinking, coughing, winks and can occur in children and adults … They manifest involuntarily and are experienced as irresistible, although it is true that they can be voluntarily suppressed temporarily. They are […]

What is the Foreign Accent Syndrome?

Foreign Accent Syndrome

The foreign accent syndrome ( SAE ) is a very rare alteration in which a person begins to show a foreign pronunciation or different from their native dialect without needing to have  had previous experience with the language from which they acquire the accent (Vares, 2015). It is a rare disorder of the production of language in which the pronunciation […]

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