Know Psychology

To know psychology can start with Global Psychology as it refers to the movement of men, women and information around the world. From my comprehension there are three main views of globalization with how we know psychology and the nature of people or persons that run the world. ♦ View that lets us know that … Read more

The Health Benefits of Playing Badminton

It is a well-known fact that practicing a sporting activity like badminton increases your aerobic possibilities by increasing power and endurance. This activity therefore offers multiple health benefits and promotes longevity. In fact, it has been found that playing badminton until you get a heart rate increase or exercise dyspepsia regularly decreases the risk of … Read more

The Therapy of Anxiety plusthe Technology of Poker

Web-based Poker is really a game this is certainly, of course, very mental and requires significant amounts of mental self-discipline and ability that is analytical. People posses knew that utilizing anxiety being a weapon in poker is an effective ways of winning possession, since it plays on a number of humanity’s earliest intuition. In the wonderful world of casino poker, … Read more

How to sleep well?

To sleep better, you need to know a few tips to get rid of bad habits, improve your sleeping environment and tame the “ruminations” caused by stressors or anxiety. Nowadays there is a major issue with using cell phones. Young generation spends most of their time using a cell phone. Normally guys in their bed send sexy … Read more

What is Cognitive Rehabilitation?

The  cognitive rehabilitation refers to a series of mental exercises performed on an ongoing basis and under the organization, planning and supervision of a professional (neuropsychologists, psychologists, occupational therapists …), specialized in this area will influence recovery or Improvement of a person who has suffered brain damage. Expressed in metaphorical terms, we could make the … Read more

What is the difference between extroverts and introverts?

Extroverts and introverts why do some people enjoy parties, talking in public and meeting people while others abhor these social situations? According to the Model of the 5 Factors of Personality, there are fundamental differences between people whose most predominant feature is introversion and those who are more extroverted. Extroverts and introverts It was probably … Read more

Effects of Marijuana Use on Young People

Effects of marijuana although it is a drug consumed by millions of people around the world, there are serious effects derived from the consumption of marijuana. According to a study published April 16 in The Journal of Neuroscience, the size and shape of two brain regions related to emotions and motivation may differ in young … Read more