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Learning Communities: a new way of learning in school

Learning Communities

The learning communities are a transformation project of educational centers aimed at overcoming school failure and the elimination of conflicts. This project is distinguished by a commitment to dialogical learning through interactive groups, where equal dialogue becomes a common effort to achieve educational equality for all students. From what we have said, we can say that we are […]

What is Vicarious Learning?

What is Vicarious Learning

The vicarious learning is a type of learning derived from indirect sources such as observation, rather than direct instruction. The word “vicar” comes from the Latin “I see”, which means “to transport”. In Spanish, it has a symbolic meaning: with vicarious learning, information or learning is transferred from one person to another through observation. What is Vicarious Learning […]

What is Inclusive Education?

What is Inclusive Education

The inclusive education are rights that safeguard the person to be educated in the same equal than others. There have been numerous occasions in which a certain similarity has been established between the curtain of the cinema and the normal social parameters, that is, our way of looking is the image that we attribute to things (Souza, […]

The Sociocultural Theory of Vygotsky

Sociocultural Theory of Vygotsky

The sociocultural theory of Vygotsky is an emerging theory in psychology that looks at the important contributions that the company makes to individual development. This theory highlights the interaction between the development of people and the culture in which they live. It suggests that human learning is very much a social process. Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky (1896-1934) was a Soviet […]

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