Social Psychology

We can use a certain name for these people, but they can also be referred to as Management, CEO, Director, the higher it is the worse it gets. If executive wagers were truly encouraging management towards better standards, with rewards for everyone, there would certainly be much less debate about the subject and does the … Read more

Educational Diagnosis: Types, How It Is Done and Example

An educational diagnosis is the set of judgments and qualifications that are carried out with the objective of evaluating different characteristics of the students within a teaching process. These characteristics can be related to several areas, such as physical or intellectual abilities, learning or school difficulties. The main objective of this type of practice is to … Read more

Levels of Literacy: Stages and their Characteristics

Levels of Literacy The levels of literacy are the different phases a child goes through during the process of learning to read and write. They were studied for the first time by Emilia Ferreiro in 1979, in her work The writing systems in child development. Although the processes of acquisition of reading and writing are … Read more

What is Child Occupational Therapy?

The child occupational therapy analyzes the problems presented by children and provides them the way with activities and exercises to train the greatest possible autonomy in their life, from the recovery of diseases. It is recommended for diseases or disorders such as infantile autism, cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular accidents … In other words, taking the definition of Red … Read more

17 Games and Presentation Dynamics for Children and Adults

List of 17  fun and original presentation games and  dynamics to work with children, adolescents or adults, taking into account that all techniques can be adapted to any context or situation. The situations that are generated when new relationships are established, in a group, form circumstances that sometimes need a technical procedure to establish a first contact and get to … Read more

What is Hospital Pedagogy?

The Hospital Pedagogy has compensatory function. It offers the training and help that the child can not receive, for medical reasons, in school together with all his / her classmates. They are therefore the teachers in charge of the hospital classrooms who, adapting to the individual needs of each child, using methodologies and infrastructures different from those of … Read more

What is Vocational Guidance?

The vocational guidance is an area of both science education as behavioral, ie psychology, it is concerned because the decision is a fundamental pillar in the development of the individual and their learning, throughout life. What is Vocational Guidance Therefore, in this article, we intend to publicize the importance of vocational guidance as a tool for decision making, the … Read more

12 Tips of Psychology to Raise Children

Does not your son obey you? Do you resort to tantrums when you do not get what you want? Does it test you day by day? Perhaps these are the most common problems that can find you being a father or mother and the ones you listen to most when you meet with others for support and … Read more