What is Antipsychiatry?


The antipsychiatry is a concept introduced in 1967 by the philosopher David Cooper (1931-1986). It arises as an anti-institutional and reforming movement that questions psychiatry as a discipline, and the role of the psychiatrist, criticizing strongly its foundations and working methods used. The antipsychiatry tries to break with the stereotypes related to the concept of mental illness, understanding it as […]

Agliophobia (Fear of pain): Symptoms, Causes and Treatments.


The agliofobia is a psychopathological disorder that is characterized by an irrational, excessive and unjustified pain to fear. People who suffer from this disorder fear, above all else, to feel and experience sensations of pain. Fear of painful stimuli can significantly affect their behavior and performance during their day to day. Likewise, when the subjects with agliofobia suffer […]

Migraine: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Migraine Causes

The migraine is a condition that affects the central nervous system, it is in the form of headache or intense, recurring headache, usually  pulsatile associated with different autonomic symptoms (Buonannotte and Buonannotte, 2013). It is a medical condition that usually appears in the form of temporary crises, lasting for hours or days. Within its clinical course, some of the  signs and […]

Learning Communities: a new way of learning in school

Learning Communities

The learning communities are a transformation project of educational centers aimed at overcoming school failure and the elimination of conflicts. This project is distinguished by a commitment to dialogical learning through interactive groups, where equal dialogue becomes a common effort to achieve educational equality for all students. From what we have said, we can say that we are […]

Anxiety in Pregnancy: 13 Steps to Reduce It

Anxiety in Pregnancy

The problems of anxiety during pregnancy are more common than you may think, but fortunately there are techniques to reduce them effectively. Pregnancy, despite being an event normally expected and desired, involves numerous physical and psychological changes to which we must know how to adapt and cope. For example, daily situations of stress that were previously handled easily, during pregnancy […]

Apert Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Apert Syndrome

The syndrome of Apert or Acrocephalosyndactyly type I (ACS1), is a pathology of genetic origin that is characterized by the presence of different alterations and malformations in the skull, face and limbs (Boston Children’s Hospital, 2016). At a clinical level, Apert syndrome is characterized by the presence or development of a pointed or elongated skull, sunken facial […]

What is Vicarious Learning?

What is Vicarious Learning

The vicarious learning is a type of learning derived from indirect sources such as observation, rather than direct instruction. The word “vicar” comes from the Latin “I see”, which means “to transport”. In Spanish, it has a symbolic meaning: with vicarious learning, information or learning is transferred from one person to another through observation. What is Vicarious Learning […]

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