Anxiety Disorders in Children

Like adults, children can also suffer from anxiety. Although this is something common, typical of the human being, in some cases anxiety can exceed normal levels. Anxiety in children can be caused by different factors than in adults based on different fears or responses that can be given due to different situations. In this article … Read more

How To Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural defense mechanism of the body, which is activated when we feel in danger, whether in an emotional, physical or both. When we interpret something as a threat, the adrenal glands release adrenaline, a hormone and neurotransmitter that increases the heart rate, constricts the blood vessels, dilates the airways and, in short, … Read more

What is Sadness for?

The human emotional spectrum is very broad. Here we are going to take a closer look at what sadness is for , probably the worst-viewed negative emotion of all. What is sadness for in human beings? Many of us have grown up with the idea that we should live happily 24/7, an idea that is … Read more

The 3 most used therapy techniques for anxiety attacks

Anti-anxiety therapy has become commonplace. Data from the Ministry of Health in relation to psychological disorders are worrying: it is estimated that around 8% of Spaniards currently suffer from anxiety. A disorder that is more common in women (10%) than in men (3%) and has a higher incidence in the population aged over 55 years0 … Read more

Why do people feel anxiety?

Anxiety can be considered to be one of the symptoms that most affect people’s emotional health today .It is a very common pathology or “disease”, typical of Western society, derived from the frenetic pace of life, self-demand, our fears and insecurities, lack of resources and coping strategies and being repeatedly exposed to stressful situations, among … Read more

How to Get Rid of Anxiety Attacks

How to Get Rid of Anxiety Attacks Forever It isn’t always smooth to take away tension attacks forever. But with the proper attitude and a few confirmed techniques you may assist eliminate your tension assaults for properly. Anxiety attacks are normally brought on while someone already has very excessive stages of anxiety and strain of … Read more

Some Sign and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a typical reaction to distressing life occasions like moving, evolving occupations, experiencing monetary difficulties, relationship inconveniences, family issues, thus. However, for certain individuals, these sensations of anxiety are something beyond passing concerns or an unpleasant occurrence. In any case, contingent upon the circumstance and the individual’s particular reaction, it may not disappear for … Read more

Understanding The Management of Anxiety

The revel in of hysteria is commonplace and well-known. It is not an emotion confined to the economically disadvantaged nor to the politically oppressed. Anxiety is an inescapable a part of the human situation, for lifestyles on all its levels, from the global and governmental to the domestic and personal, is marked with uncertainty, perplexity, … Read more

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Therapist for Your Teen

A skilled therapist can offer support and guidance to help your teen deal with any problems that they are currently experiencing. Today, there’s a lot of pressure on teenagers from social media, peers at school, and the educational system itself so it’s no surprise that we are seeing the rates of depression, anxiety, and other … Read more

5 Top Tips for People Coping With Anxiety

Many people hear about ‘anxiety’, but most don’t know what it actually is. Below awesome symptoms of anxiety and tips that will help you cope. Anxiety if the feeling of unease, fear, or nervousness, and it is something humans experience from time to time. You might end up feeling tense or uncomfortable, and in more … Read more