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Nomophobia: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


The nomophobia is mobile phone addiction, characterized by an intense and irrational fear of being without. This includes the fear of losing your phone, damage, running out of battery, running out of coverage, no credit, or losing your data or Internet connection. Even when the equipment is off or you do not sit or listen when a call or […]

Podophobia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments


The podofobia is the irrational fear of feet, including feelings of disgust, rejection and repulsion. The podófobos can feel rejection so much by the feet other people’s as of their own and as much by the neglected ones or with injuries, fungi, etc., as by the esthetic and well-taken care of. While for many the feet are erogenous […]

Agliophobia (Fear of pain): Symptoms, Causes and Treatments.


The agliofobia is a psychopathological disorder that is characterized by an irrational, excessive and unjustified pain to fear. People who suffer from this disorder fear, above all else, to feel and experience sensations of pain. Fear of painful stimuli can significantly affect their behavior and performance during their day to day. Likewise, when the subjects with agliofobia suffer […]

Anxiety in Pregnancy: 13 Steps to Reduce It

Anxiety in Pregnancy

The problems of anxiety during pregnancy are more common than you may think, but fortunately there are techniques to reduce them effectively. Pregnancy, despite being an event normally expected and desired, involves numerous physical and psychological changes to which we must know how to adapt and cope. For example, daily situations of stress that were previously handled easily, during pregnancy […]

What are Panic Attacks?

What are Panic Attacks

The panic attack , also known as anxiety attacks , is one of the most dramatic experiences you can get to experience in life a person. We can define it as an unexpected, sudden appearance of variable duration, in which the individual who suffers feels an intense fear that he can not control, or a feeling of unbearable anguish. This episode […]

Erythrophobia: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments


The erythrophobia or ereutofobia  is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by an irrational, extreme and unjustified to the fact blushing fear. People who suffer from this disorder have a phobic fear of any situation that may cause them to blush on the face, and experience the typical symptoms of blushing. The fear of these situations causes […]

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