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5 Medications for Stress Management

Medications for Stress

The medications for stress managment increasingly consume more, with the pace of life we lead one of the main reasons for making the symptomatology related to this disease, as can be tiredness, nervousness, anxiety or even depression. Medications for Stress Management We have to perform many functions and very diverse throughout the day. This occurs […]

Attacks of Anger: 12 Tips to Control Them

Anger Attacks

The Anger attacks may include shouting, insults, sudden movements and even violence. Also, the anger attack also causes a series of physical changes like muscular tension, redness of the skin, sweating or increase of the cardiac and respiratory rate. It is very important to know how to control anger attacks, with the aim of getting […]

10 Mindfulness Exercises for Children and Adults

Mindfulness Exercises

Carrying out mindfulness exercises at home is simple and requires only frequent practice in both children and adults. This psychological concept based on Buddhist meditation has spread throughout the West and its practice can be carried by children and adults, being an ideal method to cure anxiety and an effective relaxation technique. Mindfulness is translated […]

Does Complaining Damage Health

Does Complaining Damage Health

Recent studies have concluded that complaining has harmful consequences for health, both physically and mentally. It has been determined that it is also something contagious, which can cause discomfort around us, extending through our closest circles. Does Complaining Damage Health Complaining can make your health worse Steven Parton, author of Psych Podia published an article […]

Types of Stress and Risk Factors

Types of Stress

The types of stress can be classified according to their sign (positive or negative) and according to their duration (acute, episodic or chronic). At present, stress is described as mental fatigue caused by the requirement of a performance much higher than normal, which often causes various physical and mental disorders. Types of Stress It is […]

19 Diseases Caused by Stress

Diseases Caused by Stress

There are diseases caused by stress due to the emotional, physiological and endocrine responses that occur in the body. These responses can have negative effects on our health, both mental and physical. Briefly, stress can be defined as a physical and mental state in which we enter in response to stressful events. The responses to […]

Can Stress put on weight?

Can Stress put on weight

The stress can fatten in some people due to changes in the neuroendocrine system that cause increased appetite. In addition to the release of hormones such as adrenaline, corticotrophin or cortical, in the stress can be learned behaviors such as ingesting food constantly. “Stress” is a term used in a generalized and colloquial way by […]

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