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5 Important Effects of Stress on Health

Effects of Stress

The effects of stress on the body occur both physically and mentally: `can cause damage to the cardiovascular system, endocrine system, gastrointestinal system, sexual system and even sexuality. The stress response involves the production of a series of psychophysiological changes in the organism in response to an over demand situation. Such an answer is adaptive […]

Chronic Stress: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is a type of adjustment disorder characterized by an unhealthy emotional and behavioral reaction to an identifiable and prolonged stressful situation (in this differs from anxiety because in it the stress or is not identifiable). Stress is an adaptive response of our body to an excessive demand of the environment or a situation […]

The 4 Major Stress Hormones

Stress Hormones

The main stress hormone that modifies physical and mental functioning is cortisol. On the other hand, there are or after stress hormones such as glucagon, prolactin, reproductive hormones such as estrogen , progesterone and testosterone , and hormones  related to growth, which are also modified during stress states. Stress is a feeling of physical or […]

The 6 Best Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation Techniques

With meditation techniques, a change is generated in your body, and every cell in your body is filled with energy. There are numerous studies that corroborate the many benefits of meditation. This has consequences at the psychological level since as you increase your energy level, you are bubbling more joy. Then I will explain several […]

What is Biofeedback Therapy and how is it Used?

What is Biofeedback

What is Biofeedback the Biofeedback is a therapy that is used to control body functions through the feedback system that has our body. The word biofeedback, which can be translated as “biofeedback”, could be considered as a learning technique, widely used in the discipline of psychology. What is Biofeedback  Biofeedback Features Defining the word biofeedback […]

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