What Causes Vitiligo Skin Disorder

Vitiligo is a common terminology relatively acquired through loss of pigmentation of the skin, affecting 1% to 2% of the population, whereas, Vitiligo in medical terminology is a skin disorder, which is somewhat due to the destruction of melanocytes or pigment cells causing the de-colorization of skin. Many doctors and researchers believe that Vitiligo is … Read more

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – How Affect your Personality

Understanding shortage hyperactivity ailment (ADHD) – How to determine their character focus deficit problems – hyperactivity or ADHD is just a developmental disorder. Often, the child needs the ability to concentrate while focusing on using one subject, reading is slow in him, and the kid features strange and very higher physical exercise. This disorder was connected with … Read more

Organic Psychosis: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

The organic psychosis are, together with the functional and without physical cause, the possible classifications of established psychoses. They arise as a result of an injury, intoxication or trauma that causes physical damage to the brain. Psychosis is a mental disorder that causes the individual who suffers to lose contact with reality and undergo various … Read more

14 Symptoms of the Personality of a Psychopath

The personality of a psychopath shows several characteristic symptoms: lack of remorse, manipulation, lack of empathy and superficial charm. Personality of a psychopath in addition they tend to lie, have little control over their behavior, are irresponsible and have brief personal relationships. In many cases these people do not have to have any disorder to … Read more

Psychological Profile of a Psychopath: 20 Characteristic Traits

The psychological profile of a psychopath traits is characterized by a deficit in the control of impulses, absence of feelings of guilt or shame and problems of adaptation to social of psychopath traits and moral norms. Psychopath Traits The Psychopathy is a disorder commonly misunderstood personality of a psychopath trait; Is usually associated with serial killers. … Read more

What is Psychopathy?

The Psychopathy as a mental disorder characterized by deficient control of emotions and impulses, impulsivity, failure to adapt to the moral or social norms and tendency to act and antisocial behavior. It is also relevant to offer a definition belonging to the criminological field, which is as follows: “psychopath is that individual who suffers a … Read more

What is Personality Type C?

The C-type personality constitutes a set of attitudes and behaviors that usually give to stressful situations, that are related functionally and that they are manifested by: Patient, passive, gentle interaction style. Unassertive attitude, conformist and extreme cooperation. Control the expression of negative emotions and their repression. C-type personality People are subjected to stressful situations on a daily … Read more