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What is Antipsychiatry?


The antipsychiatry is a concept introduced in 1967 by the philosopher David Cooper (1931-1986). It arises as an anti-institutional and reforming movement that questions psychiatry as a discipline, and the role of the psychiatrist, criticizing strongly its foundations and working methods used. The antipsychiatry tries to break with the stereotypes related to the concept of mental illness, understanding it as […]

What is Emotional Diabetes and What are Its Causes?

Emotional Effects of Diabetes

The term emotional diabetes or emotive diabetes is used to refer to alterations in glucose metabolism that would be  caused by psychological imbalances. It would be differentiated from the disease of normal diabetes because it is caused by psychological factors instead of  physical and biological factors. It is postulated that certain emotional alterations that people can experience in a multitude […]

Tourette Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Tourette Syndrome Symptoms

The Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by performing some movements and / or repetitive vocalizations, stereotyped and uncontrolled individuals known as tics. It can occur in children and adults. Although it is a little known disorder, a recent study showed that Tourette syndrome affects around 200,000 North American people  and almost 2 million individuals worldwide. Tourette Syndrome Symptoms In […]

Intermittent Explosive Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Intermittent Explosive Disorder Treatment

The intermittent explosive disorder is a behavioral disorder that is classified  as an impulse control disorder. It is a serious disorder that can cause multiple negative consequences for the person who suffers and often greatly deteriorate their daily lives  . The main characteristic of this psychopathology is the presentation of episodes in which the person witnesses aggressive impulses without an apparent reason  since the individual […]

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