Alcohol Myths That Are Here to Stay

We’ve all heard a lot of hearsay about alcohol. Some of the rumors are fact-backed, and as such, we can rarely resist them. But in reality, most of the things you’ve heard about alcohol are just mere hearsays. Out of the many myths about alcohol, some will stay with us for life. Let’s take a look at the list, crafted by college paper help experts.

  1. The Myth of Breaking the Seal

It’s never about when you pee first. Alcohol makes lose the bladder nuts and actives the kidney to generate more urine. These sudden changes to the kidneys and bladder force one to visit the toilet often all through, starting from the moment they get intoxicated to the moment all alcohol content is cleared from their system.

  1. Liquor Before Beer, in the Clear

This old saying has no scientific or factual backing. It’s merely a mere assumption backed with cooked up stories. How fast alcohol content is cleared from the system depends on how much you consume.

  1. Taking Alcohol in Moderate Rates is Good for Your Health

We’ve all heard of studies or cooked stories backing the health benefits of drinking alcohol in controlled amounts. Some studies have claimed that taking alcohol in moderation protects against multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and diabetes. However, a study published recently confirmed that that only happens until a certain age and in the absence of certain health conditions.

  1. It’s Possible to Trick Alcohol Blower

All the stories you’ve heard about tricking alcohol breathalyzers are all myths. You can chew the gum, suck pennies, and even drink more water if you want, but if you’re intoxicated, avoid driving; otherwise, you’ll be caught. The only possible way to trick an alcohol blower is to wait until the content is completely cleared from the system for you to take a test.

  1. Alcohol Will Kill Your Brain Cells

The only change alcohol can pose on your mind is to alter the way you think and respond to issues. It can’t in any way kill your brain cells, no matter how much or how long you consume it.

  1. People Who Pass Out After Drinking Heavily Should be Put to Rest

Of course, resting a bit enables the body to clear most, if not all, the alcohol content. However, as a central-nervous-system depressant, alcohol does affect the functions of the brain, including gag reflexes, breathing, and swallowing. Putting to rest someone who is heavily intoxicated is entirely wrong. Instead, take them to the hospital for proper examination and treatment.

  1. Teenagers are Engaged in Alcohol Drinking

The notion that more teenagers are into alcohol consumption is just fake. It’s a mere publication with no tangible backing, according to a study by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey.

  1. The Effect of Alcohol in Women and Men is the Same

The effect of alcohol in men and women, with all factors constant, has never been the same. Alcohol is processed quicker in men as they have larger livers. Men have higher body water count, and so they have enough to dilute the drink.

  1. The Effect Vary Based on the Alcohol You Take

It’s widely assumed that different alcoholic drinks affect the body differently. In reality, that’s, however, not the case.

  1. Drinking Alcohol Can Cause Belly

Alcohol consumption doesn’t always cause beer belly. Don’t succumb to the rumors your protruding belly resulted from drinking.