Addiction To Games and New Technologies

Currently we are witnessing the continuous improvement of technologies, something that benefits us enormously. However, some of these technologies, such as video games, are entertainment that many young people use and that, if misused, can cause an addiction problem. Be careful, this does not mean that the simple fact of using them leads directly into … Read more

Affects of Drugs on The Nervous System?

The use and abuse of drugs is a serious social and health problem on a global scale. Substance abuse kills, directly or indirectly, about 11.8 million people annually. Alcohol and nicotine take the dubious prize when it comes to fatality : 11.4 million people die earlier than expected each year. According to the WHO, up … Read more

The Addictive Personality

Much has been written about genetic predisposition and its dating to addictive personalities. Having an addict inside the circle of relatives does now not assure that everyone inside the own family turns into addicts. But many trust that hereditary factors can boost someone’s stage of vulnerability to substance abuse or different addictions. That may also … Read more

Alcohol Myths That Are Here to Stay

We’ve all heard a lot of hearsay about alcohol. Some of the rumors are fact-backed, and as such, we can rarely resist them. But in reality, most of the things you’ve heard about alcohol are just mere hearsays. Out of the many myths about alcohol, some will stay with us for life. Let’s take a … Read more

Marijuana Effects: 10 Physical and Mental Consequences of Smoking

The marijuana or cannabis sativa is a drug commonly abused whose active ingredient is THC (delta-9-tetrahidrocarbocannabinol). The THC that it contains is found mainly in the buds of the cannabis sativa plant, therefore, the consumers of this drug usually consume only the crushed buds (“maría”), its pollen (“pollen”) or the pressed pollen (” hashish”). The consequences of smoking … Read more

Drug Addiction: Symptoms, Causes, Types, Treatments

The drug or drug addiction is a problem that occurs when a person consumes an addictive substance regularly. Due to the changes, they cause in the brain, users who develop it need to consume a higher dose. This goes to the point where the person can not control himself. Many people do not understand why … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction and Alcohol

Alcohol can be seen as an aphrodisiac, but this tag is not anywhere near reality. While drinking can reduce societal inhibitions and increase the odds of poor impulse control, it can actually reduce sexual functionality. Believe it or not, a large number of researches have shown prolonged misuse of alcohol ends in erectile dysfunction. Actually, … Read more