How to know if you like a girl: 11 signs

if you like a girl

How to know if you like a girl you need to pay attention to what she says, but it is much more relevant to understand the nonverbal language she shows. That is, understanding the body language of girl is essential to know whether or not she is interested, since this type of communication provides us with much more information.

In the 21st century, the liberal world opens its doors to the new (and not so new) generations. The couple known before?? As of the whole life?? Gives rise to new forms of love, where it is not uncommon to jump from flower to flower practically every week. The conception of the couple and the meaning of eternal love have evolved, adopting a more realistic position and producing a great change in what is expected of the relationships. Assuming clearly a break with traditional patterns of relationship.

How to know if you like a girl

In the face of the bewildering world of attraction and you will like it or you will not like it, if you take a step forward in critical circumstances, or otherwise do not show up as a real feat.

if you like a girl


This is why we are going to focus on trying to teach you how to discover if you attract a girl, be it a friend, a girl in your class or work, or someone you just met. I will also show you how to psychologically try to conquer it.

Signs of attraction and what a girl likes

1- Physical contact

If she touches you repeatedly is always a good sign. In the same way if you decide to put your shirt correctly, or if you want to give a hug directly dictates much of someone’s intentions, and of course they are the most clear and universal signs in the world.

Normally, if you do not like a girl, this will avoid physical contact with you at all times, basically because they are very careful not to send the wrong message.

2- Memories

Although minimal, if the girl you like impresses you remembering anecdotes of conversations or moments that not even you kept in your mind mean two things: that is very detailed, or that directly feel something for you.

3- Good mood

It is always a clear sign of falling in love. If, when he is with you, he presents a cheerful and spontaneous mood, it would be a clear sign that he is enjoying your company and that you are very likely to be attracted to him.

Keep in mind that if you laugh continuously, with nervous laughter or smiling mischievously, is a clear indication. He is enjoying you and will be a sign that he feels good.

In addition, you must look at that good humor and constant laughter that presents when it is with you in relation to when you are with other people. If the difference is remarkable you can be sure that she is interested in you.

4- If you find it everywhere

If you go to the center of the city and you find it, or if you go to a disco and there it is signs that you like it. They are sometimes involuntary, where the desire to meet each other is superior to the will. This is an indicator where there are high chances that you will like it.

If you start to find it in a more continuous way and in the places that you usually go to, you begin to suspect that you may like it. It may be coincidence but it can also be that the desire to meet you makes you start going to the same places you go.

5- Eye contact

A review?? From top to bottom is unequivocal in the non-verbal communication of a girl. If a girl looks you in the eye directly and for longer than “normal” you can be sure that with that prolonged eye contact you are making her interest appear to you.

Looking at a person in the eye is a strategy of seduction simple and very old, but according to studies done if that visual contact goes beyond the right time can become uncomfortable, not proving effective in reducing the person that interests us.

In this article you can learn more about how to read your eyes.

6- The text messages

This signal never fails. Before they were translated in sums to the mobile, today, today, in messages to the Whatsapp. If you answer immediately and you want to say something, but if you do it in a flashy way, with excessive emotions and above all those small emoticons so striking, there is a high probability that you are looking for something more than a friendship.

7- Movement of the feet

Studies have stated that the way a girl moves her feet expresses her nervousness. This is simple, since if you position yourself with your feet straight and impassive it means that you are not looking for a. But if this is done in reverse, whether standing or sitting, moves your feet nervously or fiddles with them, is informing us that it is not distant and that for some reason is nervous.

Another aspect that shows that a girl is interested in you is if she crosses her legs when she is with you, as a form of seduction.

8- The direction of the chin

Although it seems a real nonsense, the position of the girl’s chin means a lot. The best thing would be to look at whether this is pointing at us. Of course it should be related to the other signs, as alone may be a little disconcerting.

9- Questions

Not one, not two, not three. It will do something like more than a hundred questions without pares, and one followed by another. Let’s call it something like a psychological test of love where if you really like the girl try to get as many data as possible to try to know firsthand if you are really the right person you want to be with. All this under a small and hidden veil that will try to hide, although if we are fast enough and shrewd we will catch the questions on the fly.

10- Fluent speaking

Following the line of the questions, if a girl speaks to you quickly and fluently, it means at least that she is not bored with you and that she is interested in the conversation and possibly you too. If, on the other hand, you do not make any effort to talk and it happens? Of the subject, will be a bad sign.

11- Nervousness

As mentioned earlier, the movement or play of feet is a clear example of nervousness and therefore of interest to the person with whom you are at that moment.

Another example that is obvious is the way girl touch their hair. That constant movement of the hair, either with quick movements or with gentle movements and curling the hair in your fingers are a clear sign of nervousness.

We can also observe the redness of the cheeks or the inappropriate use of the language in situations of this type.

Symptoms of falling in love

We have already seen the signs to know if you like, now let’s see the signs that you are in love.

In the first place, we must @nalyze the different characteristics of the infatuation, which are, of course, scientifically proven by Helen Fisher, a prestigious anthropologist at Rutgers University, from which we have extracted the following six symptoms. These will help you determine whether or not you are really attached. They are general and are usually used the same for the masculine gender as for the feminine.

1-She drinks your life.

Suddenly, the rest of people disappear and you just focus on it, and to which our brain raises to levels that translate into adjectives like?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Or “incomparable”.

This is because our brain produces higher levels of dopamine than we commonly develop.

2- Need to be close to the other person

This occurs in such a way that it makes our head only think of being close to the other. Again, dopamine is the cause of this type of behavior to continue looking for the other person and thus continue to secrete this substance. Surely you have lived it in your own flesh.

It is also proven that even if some kind of obstacle is brought to the approach or being together does not matter the magnitude, therefore we will do our best to overcome it.

3- Sex is no longer so important

Bad signal, or good, depending on how you look. Helen Fisher concluded in a survey conducted under the phrase “sex is the most important thing in my relationship”, that for 64% of respondents this was not the most important thing, and that there were other types of incentives.

This confirmed that in the moment that sex ceases to be the most important, other factors that encourage and fall in love with this one are fundamentally based.

4- Do not stop thinking about the other person

According to a study of a group of people who claim to be in love have proved that the other person drinks 85% of thoughts. What is that due to? After spending a period of time with that person? there is an overwhelming decline of serotonin , a substance that suddenly makes us want that stimulant that made us happy, and therefore to think about it again again.

5- Is it perfect for me??

Dopamine is the substance that makes all our efforts focus on seeing only the positive aspects of the other person.

A great empathy

A clear symptom that reveals our feelings towards the other person is empathy. Would you be able to give everything for the person you love? For the anthropologist has shown that this is a clear symptom.

Is it still unclear whether you are in love or not? All that bustle of feeling means something, that something from happening to raze the pantry to take us days without eating anything, or to be jumping with joy to start crying a few hours later.

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Without going any further, when we are in love and show us a photo of that person, the same areas activate in the brain as when we ingest some type of drug. A group of scientists, including Fisher, came to the conclusion that the processes that occur in the brain when you’re in love with someone are very similar to those you feel when you fall into some kind of addiction.

Steps to follow to conquer your girl

And finally we come to the most important, and to the outcome what steps must be followed to be able to conquer the girl of our dreams? The line of work is quite clear.

  1. The first step and one of the most important (if you have never done it before) of all is to try to recognize that you really like that person and take the big step trying to start a conversation to start the procession.
  2. We know beforehand that there is nothing more embarrassing how to do this. But we also know it will be a rewarding experience.
  3. Once you have gotten the attention of the person you are looking for, touch smile. And yes, this will make the other person know that you are there. Especially when you smile at a group of people, it will make you notice yourself. It is also scientifically proven that makes you more attractive and that calls more attention and attention derive in the sexual plane.
  4. Do not talk too much. This will make our chances of success multiply. According to a study conducted by Alex?? Sandy?? Pent land, MIT’s director of human dynamics laboratory, concluded that in couples where men listened attentively to girl, they tended to be more successful than those who did not. The importance of the interjections?? Aha? yes ?? ?? ? I agree ?? Or is it true?? Where they meant that for the girl, the interlocutor seemed much more attractive.
  5. You also have the duty to behave properly according to where you are. One cannot behave in the same way in a disco as in a workplace and in this way, it is not the same to try to connect with the girl you want in one place or another. We must be consistent with our actions and know that if we smile at work, for example, it will not be the same as if we do it in a place of leisure, which will be a more suitable place to carry out the conquest.
  6. As one of the most important steps, jump into physical contact. This is supposed to be a delicate issue and must be done with a head. In the first instance we should go slowly, trying to pat on the back or directly resting our arm on his shoulder.

After this first instance, we can progressively increase physical contact. It is also true that we must be very careful, because if we do not do it in the right way we may generate a possible rejection. It is proven that if at some point in the filter we reach the caresses in the face, it will mean that we have reached the end of the call and that only will arm itself with courage.

Win over your friends. Without a doubt, one of the most important and shrewd movements of all. Friends are sacred, and even more so when you want to conquer one of your own. Do your best to earn them, because your call will need the approval of your nearest circle.

In addition, working the physique is crucial. It looks like a fetish, but it’s not the one you’re thinking about. There are two types of appeal: on the one hand the biological and that can be modified with gym or operating room, and the next we find the dynamic appeal. How many times have you said about someone who is not really handsome or beautiful but has something? That is what we mean by dynamic appeal. It is the way to gesticulate, to move and to transmit feelings. Undoubtedly something well empowered will make us gain a lot more when trying to go for the girl you want.