PCT Post Steroids – Why is it Necessary

A term that is often debated for its effects, PCT happens to be a popular topic of discussion for sterold users. While some advocate PCT – post cycle therapy, on the other hand, it is unnecessary for some. But, if you are a beginner, who has just begun has a PCT journey, you should know that PCT is necessary and one needs to do it after the sterolds cycle. Let’s dig a bit deeper so you can learn all about PCT after taking sterolds:

What is Post Cycle Therapy – PCT?

PCT is for the regulation of the estrogen levels in your body and is a supplement regimen that targets your body’s estrogen levels. At the same time, PCT plays an essential role in normalizing and your hormonal levels after you have effectively completed a cycle of prohormones or sterolds.

If you fail to take a good PCT, it could transform into some serious side-effects. And one of the most common ones is high blood pressure, gynecomastia, and loss of the gain that you may have achieved during the cycle.

Why do you need PCT?

Many people disagree with this. But there is no doubt about the fact that you need to take PCT. And those who altogether deny it are surely misinformed. A person who has been taking sterolds or prohormones must need a PCT because the intake of these hormones curbs the natural production of the testosterone in the body.

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the body and responsible for a plethora of other functions. It also plays a key role in muscular development. The pituitary gland is an integral part of testosterone production. It releases two gonadotropins for it. One of these two is called the Luteinizing hormone and the other is the Follicle-stimulating hormone. Combined, both of these help with testosterone production of the body.

So what is the issue? Well, the problem begins when the signal responsible for the stimulation of LH and FSH reduces greatly. This leads to less testosterone production. However, if you are supplementing testosterone with your sterold or prohormones cycle, this is good for your body because it is getting all the artificial testosterone it needs. The body does not have to produce it naturally.

But once you stop using them, you are going to come across the issue of suppressed signals. This is exactly where PCT comes into the picture. The main goal of PCT is to help your body’s natural testosterone production. This way, the body gets the signal that it is no longer getting the artificial testosterone, and therefore has to start producing the hormone naturally.

Here are a few important things you should know about PCT:

PCT Planning – Pay Attention to the Length of Your Cycle

You should know that when you take sterolds, the natural testosterone of your body gets affected. To sum up, it gets pretty much suppressed. Continued use can lead to higher chances of permanent damage. So, never stick to prohormones or sterolds for long.

Let’s talk about cycling now. Well, in real life, you get on a cycle, ride it, and then get off. In the case of sterolds, the case is similar. When you get off, you are required to take a PCT. This way, your body can cover the gap easily. The longer you are on the cycle, the longer your PCT is going to be.

Ideally, the rule of thumb is that your PCT duration should be half of your cycle time. And off time should be equal to the cycle. Say, for a 10-week cycle of prohormones or sterolds, you have to do a 5 week PCT. And before your next cycle, take at least 10 additional weeks off.

Steroids/Prohormones Selection

Some sterolds have severe side effects and could last for life. So, the more aggressive your cycle, the stronger your post-cycle. There are a lot of false notions regarding PCT. One of the popular ones is using any sterold/prohormones that would lead to a total clampdown of your natural production of testosterone.

This is not completely true. Almost all anabolic sterolds are going to control the natural production of testosterone. But the rate varies. For example, compared to Anavar, Dbol suppresses production at a great deal. Whether the cycle impacts your production less or more, you need to do a PCT.

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