The Root Causes of Mental Stress | How to Prevent from Stress

Root Causes of Mental Stress

Root Causes of Mental Stress:- Stress is a normal response or mechanism of your body that indicate a threat or an event that requires immediate attention. The events or threats that cause stress are known as stressors. When you will have stress on your mind you are not able to do your daily routine life activity in normal manner. If an infected person will not get kick off the actual cause then prolonged exposure of stressors may cause many other devastating and undesirable results.

Stress has several disadvantages to the optimal function and well-being of a person. Many researches and studies by top medical institutes have proven that excessive stress mainly attack a healthy person’s immune system. For this matter, several infections could then invade to your body and this causes many fatal and infectious diseases including those that are bacterial, viral and fungal in nature. Here I will discuss a fungal infections or tinea infection.

Mainly because of too much work or emotional and physical exhaustion, you may experience burnout. This condition results in too much stress and also disturbs the normal pH of in a person. The pH or Power of Hydrogen is the measurement of the acidity or alkalinity in your body. When a person suffers from stress, the pH level in his blood becomes more acidic. Researches proven that fungi grow abundantly in a more acidic environment. Researchers have shown that fungi are normally present in human body in a controlled growth. The immune system of a healthy person makes sure that the pH of the body is just enough to accommodate fungi and other beneficial flora of micro-organisms in the body.

Root Causes of Mental Stress


However, if the immune system of a person is threatened due to excessive stress or by any kind of viral and bacterial attack there is a disruption between the body’s defenses and the growth of fungi and many other microbes in human body. This disruption results in the elevation or abundant progress of fungi and many other parasitic organisms, thus, an infection overtakes the host. Prolonged stress caused by microbes not only result in fungal infections, such as human ringworm, but also other kinds of infectious and fatal diseases.

How to Prevent from Stress

It is of utmost importance that you should get rid of all kind of microbes entered in your body to avoid reactions as well as undesirable infections. You must aware by most recent researches by top medical institutes like WHO World Health Organization and CDC center for Diseases Control and Prevention. You may easily find the published result of these top institutes in daily news papers and many medical journals. CDC researches proved that many parasitic organisms like bacteria, funguses, viruses and protozoa have an ability to resist against different types of antibiotics and other medications. These parasitic organisms actually build a protein shell around their body to resist against antibiotics. So professionals (Doctors & researches) are now working on finding alternative solutions to kill microbes from human body. Parasite Zapper by ParaZapper™ is also a best alternative solution. This device can kill millions of microbes from water based environment and shows amazing recovery result.