The Origin of the Meme Concept

The thought of the meme was initially coined by the British scientist Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book, the egotistic cistron. During this book, he conceptualized a cistron as a replicator. A replicator is a few things that perpetuate it by replicating. Genes do that by jumping from body to body. Once AN animal reproduces, it passes on its genes to the subsequent generation, so replicating them.

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Dawkins introduced the thought of the meme so as to indicate that genes are not the sole replicators. Concepts conjointly replicate themselves by jumping from mind to mind. Within the previous few years, the term “meme” has become a lot of well-liked to seek advice from concepts that unfold around the net.

Dawkins aforementioned that each one replicator is in competition with one another, and there are three elementary characteristics that verify whether or not one replicator is triple-crown over another. These are:

  1. Longevity

In the case of an inspiration, this may be however unforgettable the thought is. Generally, we have a tendency to could hear an inspiration, however instantly forget it. Such an inspiration has very little longevity during a specific mind and thus is not an honest replicator.

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  1. Fidelity

This refers to however well the thought passes from mind to mind unchanged. Dawkins continually aforementioned that this is often the most reason that concepts are not nearly as economical at replication as genes are. Genes will pass from body to body with solely a pair of mutations; however, concepts will become utterly distorted as they pass from one person to a different. You’ve got in all probability experienced this if you have ever competed for the children’s game “telephone”, during which a word is voiceless from one kid to the subsequent. On the net, however, we’ve got nearly excellent replication of text and video, which might result in a high degree of fidelity.

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  1. Fecundity

This refers to what percentage copies of itself a replicator is capable of creating. In biological terms, if a selected breed of cat’s turns out four offspring per litter, however another breed of cats turn out eight offspring per litter, then during a few generations, the breed that produces a lot of kittens per litter can so much amount the opposite breed. You would possibly carry this @nalogy to a meme. You want to know that which meme is search mostly over the world its funny memes. If you receive AN email, and you forward it to five of your friends; and that they every forward it to five of their friends; and {people} twenty-five people forward it to five of their friends, pretty before long you may have a meme that’s out of management.

Dawkins initial planned this idea as a possible theory for a way cultural evolution may work. Since 1976, he has enraptured aloof from a full endorsement of the thought as absolutely explaining Cultural Revolution. He has aforementioned that what he very needed another example of a replicator as an example the principle of the cistron, which if personal computers were around at that time; he in all probability would have used a Trojan horse as AN example since they need the next degree of fidelity and are a far better @nalogy.