Tips for Dealing with Bombardment

The modern world is a crazy one and one where a lot goes on. We can become bombarded and really have too much to deal with. So, here are some ways to protect you and avoid being overwhelmed.

  1. Prime Yourself with Positives

Arm yourself before you walk out the door. Load up with all the positives that you can before tackling a new week. Watch funny or inspirational movies, read influential and enriching books, laugh at jokes, learn from motivational teachers and speakers, or listen to uplifting music.

Stock up as much positivity as possible, because everyday life has the power to drain you of your precious energy. Your job, commute, personal problems, unexpected challenges, and family and friend issues can easily take their toll if you are not ready.

  1. Avoid Trying to Imitate Others

Other people’s negative vibes influence us subconsciously sometimes. It is not our fault since we are human. If somebody is rude towards us, our defenses rise to the occasion, and we dish out the same in return. We unknowingly become trapped and start mirroring their negative energy.

If a person is being negative towards you and you note that it is affecting you for the worst, it is important to make a conscious effort to resume control. Try to help other people mirror your energy instead of trying to mirror theirs. Be grateful that you are in a more positive state and reflect the desired positive outcomes back at them.

If other people raise their voice at you, speak calmly in return. If they act rudely, act politely in return. It is the name of the game. Now it will be just a matter of who caves in first. Stay the course and maintain your energy no matter what. You will know that you have got them once they start to match your tone.

  1. Let Others Talk Your Ear Off Without Having to Ruffle Your Feathers

It is important to first preface this by stating that it isn’t healthy to always listen to somebody venting.

It is important to set boundaries and not allow people to treat you like a punching bag, but when dealing with customers or clients, you simply cannot ignore them. In such situations, allow them to vent their frustrations without having to take it personally.

Understand that their problems are probably not specifically without but with other issues that caused them torment.

Perhaps they wish to express their frustrations about the company that you work for. Avoid standing in their way and take the brunt of the onslaught. Simply step aside and allow them to attack the issue head-on to divert the negativity away from you. This is the way you need to visualize it in your mind.

Don’t forget that they are not really attacking you but rather the problem. The problem itself isn’t a part of you but is rather a separate entity.

If they are upset with you on a personal level since you made a mistake, put your ego away, and be truthful about it, apologize, and then move forward. Avoid hiding anything. It will make your feelings and situations worse off than before.

Shift the negativity away from you to create the least amount of friction possible. Here are some good tips from London Meditation on dealing with bombardment.

  1. Compliment Others That You Dislike in a Kind Way

If you ever find yourself disagreeing with somebody, make the best of it by attempting to find a point that they thought of that you agree with. Then genuinely compliment them for the idea that they have put forward.

If you do that, you create a small bond subconsciously. Believe it or not, this seemingly insignificant connection is a tiny foundation that you can build upon for a better relationship moving forward. It is always advisable to come out of a conversation on a good note instead of leaving any potential seed of negativity.

  1. Treat Yourself Whenever You Feel That the Negativity is getting to you

Gifting yourself is the best distraction for shifting your mindset and lifting your spirits when you are down. Reward yourself, even if it’s just a small one, at the end of the week or day. For instance, it can be as simple as ordering a book you have always wanted to read or even scheduling dinner with a person that you have always wanted to be closer to.

Whatever it might be, it will give you something positive mentally that you can hold onto and think about to make it through a tough week or day.