11 Amazing Quitting of Leaving Alcohol

Amazing Quitting of Leaving Alcohol

The benefits of quitting alcohol for health are: improve the quality of sleep, improve the state of the skin, reduce the risk of cancer, improve liver status, be more productive and others that I will explain later.

If alcohol is taking its toll on both your body and your personal and professional life, you will be happy to know that you have another motivation to quit, as you can imagine your body will improve with this fabulous decision.

Benefits of quitting Alcohol

1. It will improve your sleep habits

According to recent studies it seems that if we drink before going to bed we increase some types of waves in the brain called alpha. These only occur when we are awake but at rest, in this way the dream is interrupted (Chan and others, 2015).

Amazing Quitting of Leaving Alcohol


Another study reveals that alcohol consumed before going to bed, after an initial stimulant effect, can reduce the time necessary to fall asleep . Due to the sedative effect of alcohol, many people with insomnia consume it to promote sleep. 

However, if it is ingested one hour after bedtime, it seems to disrupt the second half of the sleep period (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 1998).

Therefore, if you stop drinking alcohol will improve both your sleep habits and the quality of sleep itself, this will allow you to get up more rested thus increasing your energy and your good mood.

2. You are going to eat less

According to the study published in the year 2013 in the American Journal of Nutrition, alcohol can be one of our biggest enemies if we want to lose weight because it causes us to eat excessively (Breston et al., 2013).

On the other hand, according to another study, alcohol is one of the biggest drivers of excessive food intake. That may be because it increases our senses, according to Eiler et al., 2015. Their study showed that women who had drunk alcohol ate more food than those who did not. 

Another more important reason to stop drinking alcohol is to reach our ideal weight, the diet we follow will not work if we do not separate alcohol from our daily habits.

3. Increase food intake with sugar

We all know that alcohol has a very high amount of sugar and that this substance can “hook” us as it increases the “reward” levels of chemical dopamine and triggers a sense of pleasure, which is why it costs so much to stop drinking alcohol.

Sugar is not a good companion of dental health nor of the organism in general. When you stop drinking alcohol you will feel a tremendous need to eat things that contain sugar because the body will try to recover the amounts to which it was previously accustomed.

4. It’s good for the skin

When you stop drinking alcohol until your skin improves as it causes us to go to the bathroom more because it is a diuretic, causing dehydration in our skin, so if we stop taking this substance we will notice a big difference according to Dr. Raskin.

On the other hand, alcohol also decreases the body’s production of antidiuretic hormone, which helps to reabsorb body water. This causes the typical redness on the side of the nose and cheeks as well as dandruff and other skin and even hair problems.

If you are one of those who have skin problems, maybe one of the reasons is alcohol, another fact that will help us to decide to stop drinking this substance excessively.

5. It will improve your economy

If you are one of those who drink too much and spend all the money you have on alcohol you will know that if you decide to leave this unhealthy habit your pocket will also notice it. You will have more money that you can spend on other more productive things or even in the family.

If you’ve always wanted to do outdoor activities or take a trip, perhaps with the money you’ve saved from alcohol, you can have the opportunity you’ve always wanted to do it.

6. You will reduce the risk of cancer among other diseases

According to the National Cancer Institute, alcohol intake has been linked to increased risks of cancer of the mouth and liver as well as breast, colon and rectal cancer.

That is, the more you drink the more chances you have of suffering from some type of cancer, so if you stop this habit you will be preventing these diseases.

7. You will forget the hangovers

If we stop drinking alcohol we will forget to suffer a hangover the day after ingesting it. If you have ever been drinking, you will know that the following days we feel tired and even dizzy and this prevents us from living a normal life.

So if we stop consuming alcohol disproportionately avoid suffering these terrible hangovers the next day and improve our health.

8. You will avoid making your family suffer

Another benefit of stopping alcohol consumption and one of the great reasons that should help you to leave it is the damage you cause to your family and friends when they see that you have ingested disproportionate amounts and that no matter how much they try to help you, you do not leave.

So one of the benefits of stopping drinking alcohol will be to recover your life and your family. That is, you will have a second chance to do everything you could not do with them because of your addiction.

9. It will improve the health of your liver

The liver can process approximately one beer or one glass of wine per hour. However, not always the amount we drink of alcohol ends with a glass, the liver reacts producing acetaldehyde, a toxic enzyme that has been linked to liver damage and scarring.

When we stop drinking, the liver will begin the cleaning process immediately, although some scars may remain due to the great effort that is made cup after cup. So even the health of your liver will improve if you stop drinking alcohol excessively since you will not have to perform any extra effort.

10. You will be more productive

Due to the large amounts of alcohol intake day after day you may have noticed that your lifestyle takes its toll. That is to say, you are no longer as productive in your work nor are you the same as always with your family.

Alcohol clouds your thoughts and makes you more fatigued and fragile on account both mentally and physically. Even when we left it, we began to notice that it would improve like those we have said before of not having a hangover.

This will make you return to being productive even more than before you started drinking as your body will thank you quickly.

11. You’ll feel better about yourself

By leaving alcohol you will be taking control of your life again. You will go back to doing things that you could not do before due to the consumption of this substance, so it will improve your mind and with it, you will increase your sense of well-being.

You will be able to achieve the goals that you proposed at some point in your life and you will have the strength that you previously lacked to fight for them.

You will go back to spending time with your family and doing those activities that you could never do because of alcohol. All this will make you recover the self-esteem that you lost as well as the confidence you had in yourself.

12. You will recover your life

The last benefit that we present is the most positive of all because if you stop consuming alcohol you will recover your life.

This will be completely yours again, you will recover your friends, your work, your dreams, your family as well as your goals. What better gift is there than that?

In summary

As you have been able to verify, leaving the intake of alcoholic beverages can improve your life. It not only has benefits for your mind and your body but for the people around you who have suffered with you that way.

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If you had doubts about the benefits that it would bring for your body to leave it you have already seen that there are many and that some are compelling reasons.