21 Consequences of Suffering Depression (in Children and Adults)

The most frequent and common consequences of suffering from depression are: general health problems, somatization, suicide, anguish, loss of self-esteem, apathy, obsessions, isolation, irritability, insomnia or excessive sleep.

Consequences of Depression

Depression is currently a priority public health problem and its symptoms and effects can be very harmful not only for all those who suffer from it but also for those around it. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) affects 350 million people worldwide.

What is it?

Everyone at some point in our lives can feel sad or melancholy, however this disappears after a short period of time.

We say that a person has depression when these feelings interfere in their daily life causing pain both in themselves and in the people around them. Because of this, people who suffer from it need treatment to improve.

What are the consequences of depression?

Once we have seen the main symptoms of depression, we will address the consequences that usually have for people who suffer from it. These will adjust to the degree of depression you have as well as the temperament and personality of the person:

1- Organic problems

People who suffer from it in general may present digestive problems such as ulcers, liver problems, intestinal dysfunctions, carcinogenic manifestations, severe degenerative conditions, unfortunate infections, allergies, pressure oscillation, aggravation of existing problems and wear, among others.

2- Somatization

Somatization can also occur , which we understand by those bodily symptoms that appear that have their origin in psychological factors.

3- Suicide

The suicide occur directly or indirectly. In the first case, the person will end his life in a conscious way while in the second, due to the consequences of depression his life will go off over time.

The consequences we have shown above are usually given in the most severe cases of depression, anyway to people suffering from this degree does not deprive them of presenting alterations at the mental level such as those presented below:

4- Causes anguish

Being immersed in a real emotional vacuum without the strength to get out of it without help, causes an unending anguish in the person.

5- It produces behavioral disturbances

On the other hand, it can also alter the behavior of the person suffering from it in a negative way, leading him to be more susceptible than normal or even obsessions.

6- Impertinent reactions

Another consequence is to react in a strange way to what happens in your day to day. Either in conversations with other people or even in normal situations.

7- Causes affective, financial and social failures

This can be one of the best known as there are many examples of people who due to their great depression have broken their company or have even had to break up with their partner and friends.

8- Severely compromises self-esteem

Self- esteem as a pillar of a person’s well-being in people who have depression is very affected, so with professional help you have to develop it again and create it.

9- It can produce obsessions or madness

Depending on the person will become obsessed with different objects or actions and even begin to see things that do not exist.

10- Causes apathy

The apathy is able to let the person who has no motivation to perform activities.

Finally, the consequences that we have presented unleash other psychic types such as:

11- Susceptibility

People with depression tend to take things more easily than others. That is, they can be disturbed more frequently than others that do not.

12- Flee from reality

Because they are not happy with the life they have since they have no self-esteem or motivation, no apparent or conscious way to live, they tend to escape from their reality.

13- Affects the mind and body

As we have been seeing during this article, depression is capable of hindering a person’s mind and body, causing them to not function properly.

14- They do not fight

These people need a professional to help them fight and get out of depression with the most appropriate tools because they are very difficult for them to do so.

15- Drag to failure

It is a fact that if we suffer from depression we will go wrong in all aspects of our life, so it is necessary that as soon as possible seek the help of a professional.

16- Tiredness

People with depression are extremely tired and unable to perform their daily activities without help. Although they are apparently physically strong, they are actually consumed.

17- Loneliness

All these consequences will make the person feel very lonely or do not want to enjoy the company of anyone. However, for your own physical integrity we must be with her at all times.

18- Indifference of love

Obviously you will not have curiosity or desire to want to be with another person because to be with a person you must first be emotionally and physically well.

19- Bitterness

They are also characterized by feelings of frustration and discouragement for everything they do.

20- Wear the body

The body due to the accumulation of both physical and mental problems will suffer a significant wear that will lead the person to feel tired and not have the strength to face their day to day.

21- Generates bad mood and irritability

People who suffer depression by not being happy with their life and not feeling well are often characterized by being extremely irritable and in a bad mood.

As with the symptoms, their consequences also depend on the person, so not all those who suffer will present the same.

What are your symptoms?

Not everyone who suffers from depression has the symptoms that we will see below, depending on the person, the duration and frequency may vary:

  • Crowd of negative feelings such as sadness, anxiety or emptiness . Also hopelessness and pessimism as well as guilt, uselessness and impotence. Normally, by these symptoms we can identify that a person has depression since they are the most common and known.
  • Irritability and restlessness. Another symptom may be that they are extremely irritable or restless in their day to day.
  • Loss of interest in activities previously performed, even in sexual relationships. Due to the feelings that these people feel, they do not want to carry out activities that they used to do with joy and motivation.
  • Lack of energy and fatigue. Some people with depression do not perform any activity because they lack the motivation that helps them to do it because they do not have energy or because just thinking about it causes fatigue.
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering details and making decisions . People who suffer from this disorder are unable to concentrate properly to perform any activity since they can not think clearly due to their mental and emotional state.
  • Insomnia, waking up too early or sleeping too much . Sometimes they have no reason to get up early, so they prefer to sleep until the wee hours of the day. Although also due to the discomfort they suffer they may not even sleep or get up very early.
  • Eating excessively or losing appetite . Depending on the person and their temperament and personality, they may eat excessively or not. This can trigger other disorders such as food in the most serious cases.
  • Suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts . In the most extreme cases we can find that people come to want to end their lives because they do not see any sense, so it is so important to be in the hands of a professional when you have depression.
  • Finally, they can also present persistent aches and pains such as: headaches, cramps or digestive problems. These may take time to disappear or even not to do even if medication is being ingested.

How can we prevent it in our daily life?

Once we have seen both its symptoms and its possible consequences, we must ask how we can prevent its appearance or how to control that it does not appear. Here are some tips to avoid its appearance on a daily basis:

  • Perform new activities A good way to generate positive emotions and to overcome oneself is to perform new activities constantly. In this way you will avoid getting bored and you will be active and energetic.
  • Go out with friends. Staying at home is not always a good option because for some people it can be an ordeal to stay locked up and only work daily without relating to anyone outside of work. Therefore, from time to time to clear and de-stress is recommended that you go out with your friends.
  • Take care An important point that helps prevent depression is to take care of yourself and love yourself. Therefore, pay attention to your physique and the way you dress and spoil yourself has nothing wrong because it will help you feel better about yourself.
  • Be with the family . Another very useful way to prevent depression is to spend time with your family, they love you and adore you and can help you with everything you need their unconditional support.
  • Become aware of negative feelings. Although we do not like it, our day to day is full of facts or situations that we have not liked very much. However, we have to admit that this is part of life and that not everything will always go as we want. We have to be aware of the negative thoughts that generate us and try not to think about them.
  • Remember the good that happens to you every day. A good way to eliminate these negative thoughts is to remember all the good things that have happened to us at the end of the day and to @nalyze how we have felt. This will help us feel happy.
  • Do sport A good way to de-stress and calm down and generate positive emotions is to play sports.

Alg some data

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 350 million people suffer from depression in the world. On the other hand, the number of people who suffer it throughout their lives is around 8% and 15%.

On the European continent, depression represents 7% of premature mortality and is the main cause of disability worldwide. Despite these data, 50% of people who suffer from this disorder receive no treatment and even 43% who, if they receive it, leave it.


Depression can become a very serious problem for those who suffer it. We must know how to identify your symptoms in order to seek professional help as soon as possible so that it does not adversely affect our daily life and does not harm the people around us.

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As we have been able to verify its consequences can be very harmful depending on the degree you have. Therefore, also follow the appropriate recommendations to prevent it if we observe some of the symptoms mentioned above can be of great help.